Wrestling Legend Passes Away

Just a few minutes ago via Jim Ross, we learned that WWF/WWE legend Pat Patterson has passed away.  He had been dealing with cancer for a while and it finally got him.  Here’s WWE’s tweet:

Patterson began wrestling as “Killer” Pat Patterson in 1958 and spent years wrestling for different territories in the Montreal and west coast-California area – even making it to Florida for Eddie Graham and Minnesota for the AWA until coming to WWF in 1979.  He would stay there for the balance of his career both in-ring and out of the ring as a wrestler/producer until 1984 and as Vince’s “right-hand man” and consultant for the rest of his life.

He is probably best known to contemporary fans as one of the Stooges along with Gerald Brisco who assisted Vince McMahon in his various feuds during the Attitude Era.  He was the inaugural Intercontinental Champion.  He’s also known as the inventor of the Royal Rumble match as well as other innovations currently in use by wrestling companies to this day.

We at Wrestle Royalty pass on our thoughts and condolences to all who knew and loved him.


Botch Take:  Wow!  What do you say to the passing of someone this pivotal to professional wrestling as a whole?  There really are no words.  My first memories of him involved the feud between Sergeant Slaughter and him.  The feud began in the very early 80’s and it was just brilliant both in the ring and out of it.  There are likely matches on the WWE Network.  They’re all worth watching.  This is a HUGE loss for wrestling as a whole.