WWE NXT – Live Coverage And Results

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WWE NXT Results:

NXT starts with the NXT roster, William Regal, Shawn Michaels and Triple H standing at the entrance ramp in a moment of silence for the late Pat Patterson. A video tribute is then played for Patterson. The crowd then starts chanting “Thank You Pat!” as his image fills the screens around the CWC.

Leon Ruff & Damian Priest def. Legado del Fantasma

Another vignette for Team Shotzi for WarGames is played and Ember Moon and Rhea Ripley bring her the engine for their team. Shotzi is impressed and says that she is in love.

A highlight package is played of the Undisputed Era in WarGames. The video package then starts showing clips of the Undisputed Era in NXT. They are shown riding in a limo and reminisce about their time in NXT to date. They are then shown eating at a restaurant and they talk about how they have never been tested like they are currently by Pat McAfee’s group. The package continues to show highlights from their time in NXT and they toast each other.

Candice LeRae, Toni Storm, Dakota Kai, Raquel Gonzalez and Indi Hartwell are interviewed backstage about WarGames. Candice laughs at the idea of Shotzi Blackheart’s team and Raquel says she will show Shotzi tonight.

Cameron Grimes def. August Grey. Grimes attacks Grey with a strap he brought with him after the match. Dexter Lumis then appears as he took Grey’s place and attacks Grimes.

Jake Atlas def. Tony Nese. Atlas is interviewed after the match and he talks about his journey. He says he is ready to build himself up to be able to challenge for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

Pat McAfee, Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch make their way out to the ring. McAfee pays respect to Pat Patterson and then moves on to talking trash to the fans and the Undisputed Era. He mocks the video from earlier in the night that featured the Undisputed Era. McAfee then hypes up the members of his group and and Sunday will be the end of the Undisputed Era. McAfee hypes up Lorcan and Burch and then continues to talk trash about the Undisputed Era. McAfee continues to talk about the Undisputed Era and Dunne says that they will end them on Sunday.

A video is played of Xia Li and Boa going through some sort of training at the hands of their sensei. They then crouch in front of their sensei and bow before being hit in the back by kendo sticks.

Grizzled Young Veterans vs Imperium is thrown out when Ever-Rise attacks both teams. Ever-Rise were scheduled to face Grizzled Young Veterans but were attacked by Imperium prior to the match. Ever-Rise run off before either team could attack them as they recovered.

A video is played of Ever-Rise during the commercial break and they are shown leaving the CWC.

Timothy Thatcher is in the ring with one of his students and he talks about his lesson for tonight. He says it is about distractions and mentions what happened last week. Tommaso Ciampa then appears in the ring and Thatcher is surprised by that. Ciampa tells Thatcher he is there to teach and that class is in session. Thatcher reiterates that he has no issue with him and Ciampa calls him a disappointment. Thatcher gets back in the ring and then fights with Ciampa in the ring. Ciampa gets the better of Thatcher at first but Thatcher’s student helps him gain the upper hand. Thatcher chokes out Ciampa in the ring and leaves him laying.

Timothy Thatcher is interviewed backstage over what happened and Thatcher says he had no idea his student was going to be doing that. He loves that his student took initiative and that Ciampa learned about distractions. He says he will learn about respect at TakeOver.

Shotzi Blackheart def. Raquel Gonzalez to win the advantage for her team at WarGames.