Wednesday Night Ratings Are In! (Updated with breakdown)

We just received the ratings for Wednesday night and while not surprising, the difference between them absolutely was.

AEW Dynamite absolutely trounced WWE’s NXT what can only be described as an absolute route.  Here’s are the grand totals:

AEW Dynamite picked up 995,000 viewers and got a 0.45 in the most valuable 18-49 demographic.

WWE’s NXT picked up a 659,000 viewers and got a 0.17 in the 18-49 demographic.

Here’s the Top 50 chart for the night:

UPDATE:  The breakdown has arrived.  Here’s the cliff notes version of it.

The top three rated segments for AEW were:

1. Sting and Cody

2. Shaq and Brandi

3. Omega and Callis

All three drew over a million viewers.


Botch Take:  What was really surprising about last week’s ratings breakdown is that the highest-rated segment wasn’t Sting; it was actually Moxley vs. Omega for the AEW World Championship.  The breakdown for this week should be available later today and I’m very interested to see how it worked out myself.  Sting was on TV for a very short time so it’ll be interesting to see if he popped the rating this week, if Shaq made a difference, or if AEW was simply able to sustain the rating they got last week.  I’m intrigued by all of this and quite happy for AEW.

Botch Take 2:  Two instances of ratings popping with Sting & Shaq.  One is organic with Omega as the new champ.  In truth, his segment came after the other two so it’s hard to know how organic that actually is.  Still, incredibly impressive number from AEW this week.  You have to play the game to make waves and AEW now seems game to do it.  I can’t even be mad at it, even though two of the three segments were less than impressive – especially that poorly-conceived and written Shaq/Brandi segment