We Good? – Smackdown Review

Hello! It’s Lord Lewis here taking over to bring you all my thoughts on this week’s episode of Smackdown, so let’s jump right in.


I get the appeal to Carmella, and she has improved over the years, but she doesn’t strike me as main event quality and this feud hasn’t excited me one bit. We’re going to see a match between them for the title later on, but I can tell you now (writing this before seeing the match) it’s going to end in some sort of DQ. Sasha was on fire as usual, but just like with Asuka, their title reigns are feeling quite weak right now, especially when there’s so much talent being wasted sitting in the back, or shining down in NXT.


MONTEZ FORD /w Angelo Dawkins vs DOLPH ZIGGLER /w Robert Roode
Ziggler is such a workhorse for WWE, but why is he always the one wrestling when we have Roode right there? Roode vs Montez would’ve been so much more appealing. That’s not my only issue however. I don’t understand after a HUGE win against the New Day that they then lost to Ziggler and Roode the week after, and I don’t understand why they think this is a feud we want to see. The match was okay, but forgettable, except for that really weird moment blue cups came showering down into the ring before we headed to a break… Yeah I’m still confused about that.


Sami and Big E is a feud I’d love to see, both men have the skills on the mic and in the ring to make the IC title really relevant. The segment was short but fun, and really just a way to promote Big E’s new swag. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad to see Big E no longer in New Day gear coming down to the music, but I understand why. Also a rare appearance from Apollo Crews, from hero to zero of 2020 it seems.


This was [sort of] exactly what I hoped to see, it wasn’t the abomination we saw with Zayn’s match against Bobby Lashley. It not only continued to make Big E look strong, they didn’t make Zayn look weak, and the marks on Zayn’s back looked painful. Zayn gets yet another count out victory, which makes sense on the surface, Big E doesn’t get pinned and Zayn continues his run as the weasel, but I hope this isn’t the last time we see these two in the ring. Obviously this is leading to a TLC match with Bryan, which will be fantastic no doubt, but I do want to revisit this potential feud.


I’m so here for this Bayley/Bianca Belair feud, we’re going to get a match between the two next week and if they don’t allow at least 10 minutes, it’ll be an injustice. On a side note, I really hate this ding dong, hello nonsense. It’s not good and I send shame to anyone who buys her merch with that on. You’ve been warned!


It was a solid promo from Carmella, however the words made no sense. She makes Sasha relevant? If that was coming from Bayley I’d agree, but Carmella hasn’t done anything relevant since she was running around with R-Truth.


The way Reigns and Jey Uso can say so little, but show so much is a testament to just how amazing they are and I’ll fight anyone who tries to disagree. Then we come to Owens’ promo, which was simply fantastic. Owens talks about his family and while they can’t be there, he has his “friends” the chairs, tables and ladders. Owens can talk for the whole of Smackdown and I’d be entertained, he just has it, not only does he have it, it’s so different to the typical WWE promos, he makes it feel fresh. I do find it strange how both Jey and Reigns are able to sneak up on Owens in a practically empty building, but that’s WWE logic I guess. Reigns and Owens sold this feud tonight and I cannot wait to see what will be a heavy hitting and quite frankly probably brutal match at TLC.


I guess it makes sense the only one willing to tag with Billie Kay is the one person no one wants to see in this match. Billie has been a lot of fun with this new persona and shows just how great she can be without all the screeching. A relatively quick match with no real payoff, a match I say you could easily skip.


A fun little segment from Chad Gable’s Instagram training Otis, then Cesaro and Nakamura insult his height again, because… Nope I got nothing. Another quick match, with Otis and Chad taking the loss. I sense a heel turn from Chad, but I’ve been fooled before when he was attacking Riddle for King Corbin and then nothing came from it. I hope they pull the trigger as he needs something fresh, I just feel sorry for Otis, he’s gone from WrestleMania hero, to a step above jobber.


I’m not quite sure why they’re acting like bouncers for Corbin, nor do I know why WWE has teamed them with Corbin. I wasn’t a fan of the Forgotten Sons and they are not showing me why I should care now, but I’ll give it time. It’s clear we’re heading to a 3v3 match with the Mysterio’s and Murphy and I think this could be good for all except King Corbin, who in my eyes should be doing bigger and better things. He’s an upper mid-carder stuck in creative hell.


I was expecting this to end in a DQ, but I didn’t expect Sasha to be the one to cause it, but I suppose it makes sense to keep this feud going to TLC. The match was okay, but Carmella doesn’t have that ability to go to the next gear, not like Sasha and Bayley can. The only benefit at TLC, is it’ll be a gimmick match, which can help elevate this, as a singles match just won’t deliver.



Even though there are a couple good segments, this Smackdown really is a miss, and I think two and a half crowns is probably being generous. My thumbs down goes to the matches, yep every single one, while none were especially bad, they could and should be a lot better than they were. My thumbs up is of course Kevin Owens’ promo, he was fantastic, along with Reigns of course, whoever says Reigns can’t cut a promo is just a hater because his message to Owens’ family was heel paradise.