Monday Night Raw’s Number is in…and…

While Sam and I found Raw to be quite watchable last night, though hardly a smashing success, apparently others felt differently.

Last night’s “Raw” was watched by a paltry 1.52 million viewers.  While hardly an excuse for such a bad number, it may be worth noting that the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns faced off in an absolute barn-burner of a game.  That may have had an effect on the ratings as well.  It certainly did own the coveted 18-49 demo that WWE lives and dies by.

Update:  In talking backstage, Jason revealed that this was the lowest watched Raw in WWE history, undercutting the 1.563 million record set on July 13th.  Here’s the breakdown courtesy of Sam:

First hour: 1.627 million viewers (last week’s hour 1 – 1.852 million)
Second hour: 1.512 million viewers (last week’s hour 2 – 1.775 million)
Third hour: 1.441 million viewers (last week’s hour 3 – 1.583 million)

You can view the top 15 Cable programs below courtesy of Showbuzz Daily:


Botch Take:  Yikes!  This is NOT good.  Dre mentioned last night that while he didn’t hate the opening segment, it might not have been the best way to open the show and he may have been right.  With hour-by-hour ratings, we note that the rating began as not great and just absolutely plummeted by the third hour.  OUCH!