Tokyo Police Charge Man Who Cyber Bullied Hana Kimura Before Her Death

The Pro Wrestling world lost a beautiful young soul in Hana Kimura at the age of 22 from suicide due to intense cyberbullying in May of this year. The rising star of World Wonder Ring Stardom was staring in the popular Japanese reality show “Terrace House” and had been portrayed by the producers as the shows “villain” much to her dismay and it soon resulted in fans harassing her constantly online.

Asahi Digital is now reporting the Tokyo metropolitan police department will be filing charges against an Osaka man as he allegedly sent negative messages to the wrestler before her death via Twitter.

Per the report, there were messages that stated “is there any value to your life?” as well as “when are you going to die?”

More charges against more individuals who harassed the late Joshi performer online are expected to be filed as authorities in Japan see Hana’s death as a call to action to take a hardline stance against cyberbullying which as resulted in many youth suicides in Japan.

Sir Mitch Says: Hana Kimura’s death still saddens me even after all these months. It seemed everyone who ever met her had nothing but wonderful things about her both personally and professionally and there was no doubt in anyone’s mind she would have become a huge worldwide star in the world of Pro Wrestling.

The day news of Hana’s death broke, I posted this video on all of WR’s social media pages asking our readers to remember that words can cut more than any blade and to be kind to each other online.  I ask again that you watch the video below and remember that the person you are interacting with via a screen and a keyboard is another human being with thoughts and feelings. Please…just be kind to one another online. The world is hostile enough as it is!

Video here: