WWE Smackdown – Live Coverage And Results

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Smackdown Results:

Kevin Owens comes out to the ring to start Smackdown and he calls out Roman Reigns. Roman does not come out and he says he spoke with his family after the message Roman sent them last week. Owens says he told his family not to tune into TLC on Sunday and he said that because of what he will do to Roman on Sunday. Owens then talks about how Roman’s kids know he is a hypocrite based on his actions. Owens continues to try and goad Roman into coming out and then Paul Heyman appears on the tron. Heyman calls him a masochist for coming back for more and then says he isn’t that and he is instead a martyr. Heyman tells him that he needs to be eliminated and then Owens interrupts him because he is tired of hearing him talk and will go find Roman.

Kevin Owens is walking backstage with Adam Pearce and Pearce tries to talk him out of confronting Roman. Owens reaches Roman’s room and then it is shown that Roman is making his way out to the ring. Heyman hands Roman a mic and he says he does not want to hurt Owens or his family. Roman says he is doing the things you need to do in order to be the guy and wants Owens to acknowledge him as the Tribal Chief. Owens is shown making his way to the ring from the back as Roman continues to talk. Roman wants Owens to apologize and Owens makes his way out to the ring but is attacked by Jey Uso from behind. Roman then joins in on the attack and the two beat down Owens. Roman and Jey continue the attack and are eventually stopped by WWE officials.

Roman Reigns is backstage with Jey Uso and Jey brags about how they made Kevin Owens understand. Roman tells Jey that he doesn’t understand yet and wants Jey to take him out and Jey leaves.

The Street Profits def. Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler to retain the Smackdown Tag Team Titles

Kevin Owens is walking backstage with Adam Pearce and referee Jessika Carr when Jey Uso attacks him with a chair. Owens uses a door to get up from the attack after Jey leaves as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Bianca Belair is interviewed backstage about her upcoming match with Bayley. Bianca talks about how Bayley isn’t a role model and she has been wanting to face Bayley since she arrived at Smackdown. She is ready to beat Bayley tonight.

The Riott Squad def. Billie Kay & Tamina

Carmella comes out to the ring for a toast to Sasha Banks. She talks about how she is there for a tasting so she can celebrate her victory that she plans on having at TLC over Sasha Banks. She talks about how Sasha is there physically but she is not there mentally. Carmella mentions that she feels like Sasha got herself disqualified last week on purpose because she is in her head. She continues to talk about how she is better than Sasha and that she will break. Sasha’s music hits and Carmella sends her sommelier to protect her but Sasha attacks her from behind. Sasha goes after the sommelier and that gives Carmella the chance to break another bottle across her back.

Kevin Owens is with a WWE doctor to check on his injuries when Jey Uso appears to attack him. The two have a scuffle but Jey is able to put Owens through a table as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Otis def. Shinsuke Nakamura

Sami Zayn is backstage doing last minute prep for the “Sami Awards” when he leaves because the staff member forgot to polish the trophies. Big E then appears laughing and puts down some cards.

Otis and Chad Gable are backstage and Gable asks him why he didn’t go for the Caterpillar. Otis tells him that he thought it was a test and Gable says it was. He says a motto from the Alpha Academy and tells him to rehydrate.

Sami Zayn is at the top of the entrance ramp for the Sami Awards. A video package is then played highlighting Sami Zayn’s accomplishments as Intercontinental Champion. Sami then announces himself as the “comeback of the year” winner and gives a short speech. Sami then announces the match of the year for his victory over AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy at Clash of Champions. Sami then announces the superstar of the year and is puzzled when the winner is Big E. Big E then comes out and accepts the award and gives a speech. Sami interrupts him and then that leads to Big E attacking him.

Bayley is interviewed backstage about her upcoming match with Bianca Belair. Bayley says she was happy to hear the compliments Bianca gave her but she is better than her. She brags about what she is good at and that she will put her on the map tonight.

Bayley def. Bianca Belair

Roman Reigns, Jey Uso and Paul Heyman make their way out to the ring as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Smackdown returns from commercial with Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman and Jey Uso in the ring. Roman is confused as to why Kevin Owens has been acting the way he has because he has been blowing the opportunity to face him. Kevin Owens then comes out to the ring and takes out Jey with a chair. Owens then enters the ring to fight Reigns but the numbers are too much for him as Jey and Roman get the upper hand and beat him down. Jey Uso puts Owens through a table and sets up another one in the ring. Roman then puts Owens through a table with a Samoan Drop and Jey grabs another table and a ladder. Roman starts burying Owens by using tables, ladders and chairs. Jey and Roman beat down Owens with chairs as he is buried. Roman, Jey and Heyman leave the ring as Owens is left buried under the pieces of table, chairs and ladders. They arrive to Gorilla and see Owens fight his way out from the rubble to sit in a chair and Owens tells him that they will not keep him down. He plans on winning on TLC or die trying.