Holiday Stylings – Part 5

Wrestle Royalty

(Parody of Frosty the Snowman, Lyrics by Walter Rollins and Steve Nelson)


Wrestle Royalty, they are not run by a king,
The site belongs to Kendra, she’s the queen.
Logo is a crown and ring.

Wrestle Royalty, where you can talk wrestling, today,
With the staff of Mitch, Lewis and Jason.
And also, Sam, Botch and Dre.

I’m sure there are other wrestling sites
That you may have tried.
If you want to chat with KB.
Discussions are Dignified

Yes, Wrestle Royalty

It’s where Dre can be petty,
They have predictions by the staff
Also, Eleazar and Natalie.


Wrestle Royalty,
Wrestle Royalty,
Come and talk wrestling.
Wrestle Royalty,

Wrestle Royalty,
It is kind of their thing.