Holiday Stylings – Part 6

Roman Reigns the Tribal Chief

(Parody of Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, lyrics by Johnny Marks)


There’s Afa, Sika, Yokozuna and Rikishi
Umaga, Rosey, Usos: Jey and Jimmy
But who is able
To be called Head of the Table?


Roman Reigns the Tribal Chief
From a wrestling family
Anoa’i is their name.
They are wrestling royalty


Some of the Anoa’i
Have entered the Hall of Fame
Only one is Tribal Chief
And, Roman Reigns is his name.


Reigns holds Universal Gold.
Won it at Payback.
Roman now shows up and wins.
Even beat one of the twins.


Roman made Jey fall in line.
To keep family stable.
Roman Reigns the Tribal Chief
You are head of the table.