WWE Smackdown – Live Coverage And Results

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WWE Smackdown Results:

Roman Reigns def. Kevin Owens in a cage match to retain the Universal Championship

Asuka and Charlotte Flair come out to the ring and Charlotte talks about how they have finally returned to Smackdown. Bayley then interrupts and makes her way out to the ring. Bayley points out how long she was champion for and then Sasha Banks comes out. Sasha says she is the current champion and then Bianca Belair comes out. Bianca talks about how she is the EST of WWE and then Carmella comes out. She talks about how good she looks compared to everyone else. Sasha shoves Carmella and Smackdown goes to commercial.

Asuka & Charlotte Flair def. Bianca Belair & Sasha Banks and Bayley & Carmella to retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles

The Street Profits are backstage and they talk about what has happened and what is still to come for this week’s episode. They then stumble across Sami Zayn talking to a staff member and he questions her about why his match with Big E is a lumberjack match. Sami then asks them what they want and Montez tells him they got him a gift. Dawkins then shows him it is one of his shirts but with “I Was” taped on it to show they feel like Big E will beat him tonight.

Daniel Bryan makes his way out to the ring for his match with Jey Uso when he is attacked by Jey from behind. Referees and officials come down to pull Jey off him as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Daniel Bryan def. Jey Uso

Daniel Bryan is interviewed backstage about what is next for him and he says he is entering the 2021 Royal Rumble. Sami Zayn then appears and he tells Bryan how he has had it out for him. Sami then accuses Bryan of going to management to make this happen and that karma will take care of Bryan. He then says he will defend his title, polish his trophies and will laugh in Bryan’s face. Bryan then tells Kayla that he guesses Santa didn’t give Sami a PS5 this year.

Big E def. Sami Zayn in a lumberjack match to win the Intercontinental Championship