Smackdown Ratings Are In!

The ratings for this Friday’s delayed Smackdown have just come in.  For those who saw the show, Smackdown was delayed by about five minutes because of the football game.

The result?  Absolutely massive ratings.

Thanks largely to a fantastic lead-in, the Reigns/Owens cage match opening the show and Big E. winning the IC belt, WWE proceeded to post its best ratings of the year for any of their programming.  They drew over 4 million viewers in the first hour and finished strong with 3.336 million people watching Smackdown last night.  They also did a 0.95 in the always-valuable 18-49 viewer demographic.  This all adds up to quite literally the highest rating any of their TV shows have enjoyed all year long.

The is all the more remarkable because the entire show was recorded and thus spoiled days ahead prior to airing.  In the past, spoiled content has, as one would imagine, has resulted in far weaker ratings.


Botch Take:  WWE has got to be happy with this.  Of course, they won’t be able to replicate it as their lead-in was as good as they could have hoped for.  Still, it is quite the surprise that they were able to grab that rating even with a spoiled program.  Maybe there are more like me who’d rather not be spoiled?  Queen mentioned that even thought she had been spoiled, she really just wanted to see it all happen.  Of course, in typical Dre fashion, he gives all credit for the show’s high rating (as well as the sun rising and setting) to Roman Reigns.  Bless his heart.  One wonders how the internet AEW fan base will explain this one away.