Brodie Lee Tribute Easily Takes the Night

These numbers likely won’t surprise anyone due to the fact that AEW advertised their tribute to Brodie Lee show and pulled it off extremely well.  We actually saw these numbers posted a few days ago by PWTorch but we were dubious because it was said those numbers wouldn’t be available until today.  Here’s the original post we saw:

Turns out those numbers are very nearly correct.  The only thing that was very slightly off was the demographic info so we’ll fill that in for you now.  In the valuable 18-49 demo, AEW scored a .40 which is really good.  NXT scored a .16.  The increase as shown by PWTorch is right on the money.


Botch Take:  I’m not sure numbers matter too much this time but yikes!  WWE can’t be thrilled with that incredibly low number.  People absolutely ignored NXT in favor of AEW’s Brodie Lee tribute.  NXT did put on a good show so it didn’t deserve that number.