WWE Raw – Live Coverage And Discussion

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WWE Raw Results:

Raw starts with Hulk Hogan hyping up his phone and what he can do with it.

The Miz and John Morrison are in the ring for Miz TV and Miz hypes up Legends Night. Morrison joins in with hyping the night and calls Miz a legend. Miz talks about getting back the Money in the Bank briefcase and introduce the New Day as their guests for the evening. Kofi and Woods say they are happy to be there and say that this is New Day Talks. They then take over the segment by making it their own and asks Miz some questions. They ask Miz if he has any resolutions and who he would have dinner with among the legends that are there. Morrison says he would pick Tatanka and Miz tells him that they have overstayed their welcome. Teddy Long then shows up and says that Miz and Morrison will face the Undertaker tonight. Adam Pearce comes out to inform that that cannot happen and Long makes it a tag match with the New Day instead.

The New Day def. John Morrison & The Miz

Randy Orton is interviewed backstage about what happened last week and says he did not burn Alexa Bliss last week. He says that everybody changes after facing the Fiend and he showed her compassion. He hates that he did that though and that he wishes he would have. He then says he will go take a walk and talk to some legends to remind them why he was dubbed “the legend killer”.

Angel Garza is backstage and tries to smooth talk Alicia Fox. She doesn’t fall for it and walks off. Garza then spots Sgt. Slaughter, Tatanka and Mickie James. He sweet talks he and hands her a rose. Slaughter grabs the rose and calls Garza a maggot and that causes Garza to leave.

AJ Styles def. Elias. Jaxson Ryker tries to attack AJ with Elias’ guitar after the match but is denied by Omos when Omos kicks the guitar before he can make contact.

Big Show is backstage talking to Riddle and the two have a conversation before Riddle leaves to get ready for his match later. Randy Orton then shows up and Orton talks smack about Show not being able to be in the ring anymore due to him. Orton grabs Show by the throat and Show tells him that he won’t play his game. Show says he is not embarrassed to be involved in Legend’s Night and Orton tells him that he is.

Peyton Royce & Lacey Evans def. Charlotte Flair & Asuka

Drew McIntyre is getting ready backstage when Sheamus comes up to him. Sheamus wishes him luck and wants him to give Keith Lee an extra kick. Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart then show up and Hogan talks about how great Drew is and how he reminds him of himself. They continue with a back and forth and pose for the camera.

Riddle def. Bobby Lashley

Mark Henry is backstage with Ricochet and the two finish a talk. Randy Orton then approaches Henry and he tells him that he is entering the Royal Rumble. Orton talks smack to him about not being able to compete in one again and how he is on a scooter. Henry begins to roll away but Orton stops him to remind him of Henry’s past. Orton says he will give him a pass if he pedals away and Henry does so as Raw goes to commercial.

MVP and Bobby Lashley are backstage and MVP talks about how Riddle stole the victory from Lashley. Lashley is ready to hurt Riddle for stealing the win and the two leave.

Mandy Rose makes her way out to the ring and is attacked by Shayna Baszler prior to her making it to the ring. Shayna heads into the ring and Dana Brooke comes out to check on Mandy. Dana challenges Shayna and it is made official.

Dana Brooke def. Shayna Baszler. Shayna keeps the Kirifuda Clutch on after the match and then Mandy Rose attacks Shayna. The two clear the ring of Shayna.

Ric Flair is backstage with Molly Holly and I.R.S. when Randy Orton appears. Orton greets Flair and says that Ric will not cost him his match like he did Charlotte Flair earlier. Ric tells Orton how he is happy he won another world title and how he taught him what he knows. Orton tells Ric that Charlotte is a better competitor than he ever was and how Ric is a shell of himself.

Keith Lee is warming up backstage when he is approached by Keith Lee. Riddle wishes Lee luck in his match against Drew McIntyre and gives him a pep talk. Lee thanks him for that and continues to warm up as Riddle leaves.

Randy Orton def. Jeff Hardy

Lucha House Party are walking backstage and bump into Melina. They talk about legend’s night and continue to walk towards the ring.

Lucha House Party def. The Hurt Business

Torrie Wilson is backstage with Nikki Cross when Angel Garza approaches her to give her a rose. Torrie declines the rose but tells Garza that she invited Cardi B, Kylie Jenner and Ariande Grande and directs Garza to a room. Garza goes into the room and the Boogeyman is there. Garza flees and is then pinned by R-Truth to lose the 24/7 Championship. Ron Simmons then shows up and does his signature phrase.

Drew McIntyre def. Keith Lee to retain the WWE Championship

Goldberg comes out after the match and starts talking to Drew. He says that Drew has everything except respect. He says that Drew does not respect the legends and that he challenges him to a match for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. Drew says fighting him would be like fighting his dad and Goldberg shoves Drew to the ground as Raw comes to a close.