As Long As You Remember Him…(AEW Review – Repost)

The following is a re-post from earlier.  Something funny went on with the website database a few days ago and our host had to roll us back to 12/30.  As a result, a few things were lost including this blog.  I just happened to open a different browser to watch “Raw Talk” and this was just sitting there.  I’d opened it there and never closed it.  It’s complete too!  I’m so glad to see this again so here it is.

Well, this was nothing I was expecting this time last week.  So a few things will be different as a result.  As you can see, the name of the blog has changed permanently.  It has been renamed in his honor.  Secondly, the graphic is also changed.  For this blog, I have withheld grades.  There’s just no reason to bother with them this week.  I also remained positive the entire time.  This isn’t the kind of the show that needs to usual critique so I refrained.  In reality, no words I came up with matter.  You just need to see the show.

Speaking of which, let’s go there now, shall we?


Ten Bell Salute

So nice to see AEW doing this right off the bat.  Man, that’s a lot of people.  I really love that -1 was front and center.  That’s as it should have been.


Jon Moxley

So well spoken and articulate.  This is all it should have been and he knew Brodie better than most.  Meaningful segment.


The Young Guns (Matt & Nick Jackson) and Colt Cabana vs. Private Party (Isiah Cassidy & Marq Queen) & Matt Hardy

Poor Colt.  The bell rang and he got it done though.  Much respect.  The Mr. Wrestling II reference was fun.  Man, I’m old…and I revel in it!  Red eyes permeated this match as you can imagine.  Everyone in this match was also slightly more turned up than normal too and that’s also totally understandable.  Isiah took about four finishers to end that match and did it beautifully.  Marq Queen is a total and complete star.    Repeated shout-outs to Brodie throughout the match and it was really fun.

The Acclaimed came out to spoil the mood and it wasn’t to be.  Fun moment.


Darby Allin

Darby sans makeup.  He just spoke.  There was a lot of that tonight – all of it genuine and heartfelt.


Lance Archer, Evil Uno, & Stu Grayson vs. Butcher, Blade, & Eddie Kingston (w/ Bunny)

Love seeing our Murder Hawk in old school Brodie Lee gear.  When do you see people as big as Archer attempt a top rope ring walk?  Really cool to see.  Also loved seeing Eddie say his peace and then move on to create heat for himself in shorthand so we’d get into the match.  Masterfully done.  Stu is just an absolute beast.  That Face buster springboard off of the second rope to the outside of the apron was just perfection.  Uno pinned Blade and promptly became overcome right after the three.  Fun match.


Dax Harwood, Arn Anderson, Colt Cabana, Stu Grayson

Poor Stu.  Poor everyone.  Nice to see these expressions.


“Hangman” Adam Page, John Silver, & Alex Reynolds vs. MJF & Proud and Powerful (Santana & Ortiz)

Page had no interest in hearing his own theme music.  He signaled for them to move on and move to the Dark Order’s theme.  Classy.  The New York Times plaque is such a cool flex.  Throwing the papers destroyed me.  Love seeing Silver in Brodie’s gear.  I also really enjoyed seeing MJF yelling at Brodie Jr.  MJF refuses to drop character no matter what and it makes things more fun – even under conditions like this.  So many points for the Tony Garea reference.  Rick Martel and he were the very first tag team I ever saw wrestle (“Superstars of Wrestling” – Saturday mornings at 11am syndicated).  That.  Destroyer.  From.  Silver!  The members of the Dark Order are so turned up tonight and it’s really entertaining.  The best part was the Singapore Cain shot from -1 onto MJF.  People got sensitive on Twitter about MJF going after -1 and they shouldn’t have.  It was all in fun.  Let them have fun.

We got Redbeard!  We don’t yet know if AEW has signed him but how apropos for him to come out and level Wardlow.  Loved that!


Eddie Kingston

Kingston is always all heart and he was here too.  The title came from him.  FYI.


Tay Conti & Anna Jay vs. Britt Baker & Penelope Ford

Anna took the pin here and was immediately overcome a bit.  Britt even shoehorned in a little “Big Rig” reference.  Gotta love it.


Chris Jericho

Nothing to say.  He just spoke from the heart…and it was really nice.


Preston Vance (10), Orange Cassidy, & Cody Rhodes vs. Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs & Brian Cage

The night had begun to wear on the ref and he needed a moment before they started.  I don’t blame him one bit.  I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it forever.  Starks just has absolute silos full of “it”.  I’m so glad he got away from the relic that is NWA and he’s on the bigger stage he belongs on.  Loved Hobbs’ Spinning Powerslam.  Even better was the Steely Dan reference (“Rikki, Don’t…nevermind”.  The Brody Bomb from 10 was just perfection!

Finally saw Hawk do something in the ring.  We even got Darby and Sting coming out for a second.


Tribute to Brodie Lee – Cody Rhodes, Amanda Huber, & -1, Preston Vance, & Tony Khan

Nice period at the end of the sentence.  “Ol 55” by Tom Waits was a really nice choice for the montage.  I hadn’t heard the tune in ages but it was just perfect for this.  Tony even bought the rights in perpetuity so the tribute can be used anywhere at any time.  Loved -1 leaving his dad’s boots in the ring.  Heck, everything about this was just great.  Tony making Brodie TNT champion forever and giving -1 the belt was the icing on the cake.  Schiavone has said they’re currently having a new belt made.


There’s really nothing else to say.  Brodie got one heck of a send-off here.  I enjoyed it all – even the stuff I didn’t enjoy served a purpose.  I only wish Brodie had gone on longer to make the kind of impact he could have made in the ring for AEW.  In many ways, it felt like he was just beginning.  The truth is, though, the impact he made on absolutely everyone as a person everywhere, including in AEW, is far more important…and he succeeded in spades.

Sleep well, Brodie.  We miss you already.