Who Took Wednesday Night?

Here we are again with another look at the ratings war between AEW’s Dynamite and NXT.  This week, as has usually been the case, AEW Dynamite takes the win.  PWTorch reports that AEW was watched by 662,000 viewers while NXT brought in 641,000 – a slight edge-out for AEW.  NXT’s decline was subtle from last week where AEW’s was quite dramatic.  We could reason that some of that may be attributed to the fact that last week’s Dynamite episode was a tribute to Brodie Lee.  Still, this week did feature an an advertised appearance from Snoop Dogg to promote “The Go Big Show” on TNT and that simply didn’t bring the viewers in or if it did, it didn’t keep them around.  Once definitive numbers come in from Showbizz Daily come in, we’ll update this article with the demo numbers.


Botch Take:  OUCH!  In truth, with the exception of the last match and the very first one, nothing else was really “must see” on the AEW front.  While that’s not really a known barometer without an hourly breakdown, the show did kinda get what it deserved.  It’s impossible to deny the fact that AEW’s rating absolutely cratered this week.  As for NXT, I’ve yet to see it so I can’t speak to how well that show did.