(Updated) Filming Date Confirmed for WWE India

UPDATE #2: Sony posted the following preview on their Twitter account yesterday. This confirms the air date of January 26th, 2021 to coincide with Republic Day in India. It also gives us a look at some of the talent involved.

UPDATE: WWE today has confirmed that this will be titled and aired as WWE Superstar Spectacle. The special will air from an undisclosed location in Florida and NOT from India as others are reporting. The talent for this show have been in the United States since sometime in mid-December 2020. As for the names of those participating, we do not have any confirmation on those details.

As was previously announced, WWE India is scheduled to begin airing in early-2021. We now know the date that filming for this new show will begin. According to numerous sources, producers and writers from WWE have stated that filming will officially begin on January 22nd, 2021 in Florida at an undisclosed location.

Talent has been in the United States for a few weeks now and just had updated headshots taken today. Exact information on whether or not this will be a full series or a limited night special is scarce as WWE hasn’t decided on this yet. Backstage speculation is they will have a one or two-night special to introduce the concept and talent, followed by a full series debuting at a later date. This is based on WWE revealing this will be an extended project.

Jason’s Jest: I’m looking forward to this! We have had plenty of shows regarding tryouts and auditions of those in the US and UK, but never really anything from other regions. I’m hopeful this leads to an expansion to other countries.