WWE Raw – Live Coverage And Results

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WWE Raw Results:

Triple H makes his way out to the ring to start Raw this week. Triple H welcomes everybody to the ThunderDome and is then interrupted by Triple H. Randy tells Triple H that he is there because Drew McIntyre couldn’t be there. Orton talks to Triple H about how he had a big match with McIntyre and wants Triple H to make an announcement that he will either enter 30th in the Royal Rumble or that he will hand him the WWE Championship. Triple H then tells Orton that he can only become champion if he wins the Rumble. Orton wants Triple H to make whatever announcement he had planned and Triple H then recalls how the old Orton has returned. Triple H then talks to Orton about how he lit the Fiend on fire and how he would have done the same. Triple H then tells Orton how he doesn’t like how Orton has been with the legends, especially Ric Flair. Orton tells Triple H how he is a legend and proposes a match between the two tonight. Triple H declines because there is no benefit and Orton insults him in order to goad him into the match. Triple H then strikes Orton and Orton implies that the match will be happening.

Charlotte Flair is interviewed about what happened last week and how it was not the first time she has seen her dad and a woman flirt. She talks about on if she is on good grounds with her father and then says she is trying to get her mind on her match. She plans on showing Lacey Evans what a real lady is like and makes her way out to the ring.

Lacey Evans is then interviewed and she says that Charlotte should calm down. She then says that she flirted with Ric because he wanted it. She then says that any man would want someone like her and dedicates the match to Ric Flair.

Drew McIntyre appears in a video and talks about testing positive for COVID-19. He reveals he does not have the symptoms and urges everybody to wear a mask and follow all the protocols so they do not catch it.

Lacey Evans def. Charlotte Flair. Ric Flair came out during the match and would help Lacey get the win.

Lacey Evans and Ric Flair are walking backstage and are asked about what happened tonight. Lacey says they are going back to the hotel and they walk off.

Keith Lee is interviewed backstage about his match with Drew McIntyre last week and Sheamus then comes in. Sheamus gives him some props for being able to hang with Drew and talks about how he earned Drew’s respect. The Miz and John Morrison then appear and Miz talks about being the Money in the Bank holder. Sheamus and Lee call them dumb and Miz then says that he will make things right in 2021 that were wrong in 2020. Sheamus then asks them if they are challenging them to a match and they say they are. Lee accepts and Sheamus throws him a look. Morrison and Miz then bring up what happened the last time the two were a team and leave.

Jaxson Ryker def. Jeff Hardy. Ryker replaced Elias because Elias said he was injured. Jeff then gets on the mic and goads Elias into a match.

Jeff Hardy def. Elias

Sheamus & Keith Lee def. John Morrison & The Miz

Triple H is backstage and he is asked about Randy Orton’s challenge. He says he was there for other reasons and he talks about how Randy cannot get what the legends have done for the business. He then wonders if he still can be what he used to be and then says he can be that man again. He then accepts Randy’s challenge for tonight.

Keith Lee def. Sheamus

Drew McIntyre appears again and this time it is to respond to the challenge by Goldberg. He talks about how he had a great match with Keith Lee and how Goldberg came out before he could greet the legends after his win. Drew then talks about Goldberg’s run in WCW and how Goldberg let him down. Drew says he believes in giving respect to get respect and how the WWE Championship has eluded Goldberg. Drew then says he will teach Goldberg about respect and accepts his challenge.

Riddle is backstage and he is talking about his match with Bobby Lashley. He talks about food and how great it is to take a bite. It is revealed he is talking to Lucha House Party and they kind of get what he is saying. Riddle is amped to win against Lashley and Lucha House Party want him to win. They wish him luck before leaving.

T-Bar def. Xavier Woods

Randy Orton is interviewed backstage about Triple H accepting his challenge. He talks about hate and how he can direct his hate to someone else. He says he will direct his hate towards Triple H tonight and smiles.

Bobby Lashley def. Riddle to retain the US Championship. Riddle gets on the mic after and challenges MVP for a match and MVP makes his way back to the ring as Raw goes to commercial.

Riddle def. MVP by DQ when Bobby Lashley attacks Riddle. Lashley continues the attack after the match.

AJ Styles is backstage with Adam Pearce and AJ talks about how he will win the Royal Rumble. He then talks about how Pearce will face Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble and how there could be a chance they face each other. Drew Gulak then appears and says he wants to be in the Royal Rumble. Pearce then tells him that he cannot be in it. Drew and AJ have a back and forth about who deserves to be in the match and Pearce tells Drew he can be in the match if he beats AJ tonight.

AJ Styles def. Drew Gulak

A video package highlighting Goldberg’s career is played.

Triple H is getting ready backstage and is approached by Keith Lee. Lee talks to Triple H about how he does not need to face Orton tonight. He says Triple H has been there for him and he will be there for him tonight if need be. Triple H assures him that he will be okay and Lee hands him his jacket before leaving.

Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax def. Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

Randy Orton and Triple H both come out for their fight. The two have a back and forth and Triple H eventually grabs his sledgehammer. The lights go down and Triple H notices his sledgehammer is on fire. The lights go back down and Triple H disappears. Alexa Bliss then appears and steps slowly to Randy. She puts one hand under her chin and then flings a fireball at Randy with the other. Orton flails around in the ring in pain as Raw comes to a close.