How Far Is Too Far?

I’ve not been writing a lot as I’ve been dealing with serious loss and upheaval in my personal life, but there are things that pull me out of my emotional state and demand I get my fingers typing away.

This morning I woke up to hear that not only did Lita not want to do the ‘live sex show’ but was told she’d lose her job if she didn’t go through with it.  She went along with it to retain her job, but has finally spoken out about how she was treated.  Some ask that if it’s true – why did she go into the WWE HoF and why does she still associate with the company.  I say that in many ways, it’s easier to bury such things and move on.  Further, that was of the eras 80s/Attitude Era/Ruthless Aggression Era when WWE treated wrestlers, especially female wrestlers, as if they’re expendable.  They fired Blaze while she was Women’s Champion and she threw the belt away on WCW TV.  Women were in bikinis, or less, and just there for eye candy, even though Sherri, Luna, Jacqueline, and Ivory were all strong wrestlers, they were just women and therefore didn’t matter unless they were showing skin.  None of them spoke out about how they were treated at the time, but only later spoke up about the worst of it.

It hurts me to know that these women, all of them, were treated so badly just so they could get in the ring and have a couple minutes were they could actually work the ring in front of the fans.  Things have been changing in the industry because of #MeToo and #SpeakingOut, but there have been so many decades of hurt and burying of incidents that could have gotten people sued, or even arrested, that they won’t all come out at once.

Those were dark days in the pro wrestling industry, especially for women, and they all should be supported going forward.  No person should be forced into sexual acts, real or inferred, for ratings.  I’m thrilled Lita has spoken up about this as it was a terrible injustice to her as a person, and hopefully others will step forward to show just how badly they were treated through the years.  Many male wrestlers have stepped up in recent years, and they need to keep doing so, championing for the women they share the ring with.  It is said that both John Cena and Edge stepped up for Lita, but this was 2006, and they didn’t have the pull they had even a couple years later.

While this doesn’t surprise me in the least, I hope this is the last time that something like this comes to light.  I highly doubt it will be, therefore I hope all that need to will step up, point their fingers at, and take down those who abused them all for the almighty dollar.