Surprise Debut and Return at Hard to Kill

Matt Cardona (better known as Zack Ryder with WWE) made a surprise appearance at Impact Wrestling’s Hard to Kill where he had an impromptu match with Super X Cup winner, Ace Austin, winning via a disqualification, after Madman Fulton attacked Cardona during the match.

We have received more details on the deal and it appears to be short-term. While it’s unknown how long the deal runs for, we do know he is scheduled for the latest set of TV tapings.

Cardona was last seen in a less than impressive stint with AEW, assisting Cody in his feud with The Dark Order that led to a tag team match and an 8-man match at AEW’s 2020 All Out PPV. He revealed weeks after that his deal with AEW was a short-term deal that had ended after the PPV.

Brian Hebner (son of legendary referee, Earl Hebner) also made his return to Impact Wrestling, after his deal with NWA expired on January 1st. He refereed the match between Havok & Nevaeh vs Fire N Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) for the returning Women’s Impact Tag Team Titles, which saw Kiera and Tasha win their first titles with Impact Wrestling.

You can view all of Hard to Kill’s results here, as well as all the information from Madison Rayne’s retirement announcement here.


Lord Lewis Dictates: I may be one of the few who was actually a big fan of Cardona, ever since Long Island Iced Z. He is severely underrated and I hope his time in Impact, however long/short it may be, can set him back in the right direction. If I’m honest, this may be the best place for him as AEW has a proven track record on not knowing how to elevate WWE jobbers/mid-carders, just ask Shawn Spears.