WWE NXT – Live Coverage And Results

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WWE NXT Results:

Leon Ruff & KUSHIDA def. The Way in Round 1 of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Ruff/KUSHIDA will take on Grizzled Young Veterans in round 2.

Pete Dunne cuts a promo on Finn Balor. He talks about how they have similar stories but he helped build NXT UK. He also talks about how he is the biggest threat to Balor and that he wants a shot at him.

Malcolm Bivens is interviewed backstage about why he is outside William Regal’s office. He explains why he was there and begins to hype up Tyler Rust. Rust then walks out of the office and the two share words about what was said.

Karrion Kross def. Ashante “Thee” Adonis

An MSK vignette is played and they talk about who they are. Highlights from their match from last week is played and they add comments as to who they are.

Mercedes Martinez and Toni Storm cut a promo on Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro. They say they don’t need to be friends and will make quick work of them in their match tonight.

Lucha House Party def. Imperium in Round 1 of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Lucha House Party will take on Legado del Fantasma in round 2.

A video is played of the weigh-in between Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher that took place earlier for their Fight Pit match.

William Regal and Beth Phoenix are standing at the top of the entrance ramp. Beth talks about how historic the Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic is and pays tribute to NXT alumni that paved the way for the women today. Kacy/Kayden and Toni/Mercedes then get their names called and walk to the ring for the first match of the tournament.

(Queen takes over results here.)

Kacy & Kayden defeat Toni & Mercedes

Backstage Balor goes to Regal about Dunne.  Regal tells Balor to get a partner.  Balor says he doesn’t have friends, only enemies.  Regal replies, “Keep your enemies close.”  Balor nods and leaves.

Backstage Kacy and Kayden are celebrating loudly backstage.

Rust with Bivens to the ring.  Swerve gets it Reed’s face backstage before heading to the ring to face Rust.  Much back and forth and big moves from Reed.  Bivens is all gung ho even after the match.

Reed defeats Rust

Balor is asked by the blonde about his partner.  He says a couple people backstage owe him favors.

Balor in to talk to UE.  He looks specifically at O’Reilly.  Strong doesn’t like this at all, but Adam Cole puts a hand on his chest.  Kyle says he’s in.  Lots of staring and glaring, but few words from all of them.

Ringside Santos Escobar says a real champion does what he wants when wants.  He goes on about what a true champion is.  He rips on Ciampa, Balor, Kross, but they can’t even make it through the first defence.  The title must be too heavy on their shoulders.  He backs up every word he says, and everyone in his path.  LHP came and tried to ruin his house.  They won the first round of the Dusty Cup.  They will win and be Tag Team Champions.  LHP’s music and they come out.  They fight, but LHP are quickly out-numbered…Until Kurt Stallion comes out and evens the score.

Backstage Drake and Dain backstage.  Drake is talking them up, Dain has his head in his hands more than not.

Thatcher and Ciampa start on the edge of the Fight Pit.  After the first commercial they land inside the ring, and continue to fight through big moves and massive submissions.  Ciampa gets the upper hand as Thatcher can’t seem to fight back.  A headlock on the mat, but Thatcher gets free.  Sleeper on Ciampa, but he gets up and somehow gets his leg stuck out through the corner.  Hanging there Thatcher wraps Ciampa’s leg around the back of his neck and Ciampa had to tap out.

Thatcher defeats Ciampa in Fight Pit