Are You In? (WWE NXT Review)

Another week and another episode of NXT to look forward to. There is plenty to look forward to with this week’s episode with the continuation of the Dusty Classic and the start of the Women’s Dusty Classic. We also have the Fight Pit to look forward to and that should be fun. Let us jump right in and see what NXT had for us this week.  


KUSHIDA & Leon Ruff vs The Way 

This was a fun opener to start NXT this week. This was another match in the first round of the Dusty Classic and there is plenty of story between the two teams. KUSHIDA has been mixing it up with the Way of late and Ruff took the NXT North American Championship from Gargano in 2020. There was plenty of nice back and forth in this match and I did wonder who would win this match because a case could have been made for either team. I will also add that I am loving seeing KUSHIDA and Johnny working the ring together and it really makes me excited for their eventual encounter. Good stuff in this match and Ruff and KUSHIDA would end up picking up the win and advancing.  


Pete Dunne Promo 

Nice promo by Dunne here as he is making it known that he wants the next crack at Finn Balor. He spoke about how he helped build NXT UK and he feels like he is the one that will take the title from him. Good stuff from Pete here. 


Malcolm Bivens Backstage 

Bivens was outside Regal’s office and he spoke about how Tyler Rust is the future of NXT. Rust would then come out of Regal’s office and inform Bivens that he secured the match they were looking for. He told him that he would be facing Bronson Reed and Bivens didn’t look all that pleased with it. He may have had another match in mind but he is still confident Rust can win. 


Karrion Kross vs Ashante “Thee” Adonis 

Pretty standard squash match here as Kross made short work of Adonis here. The interesting thing was that he also took out Desmond Troy after the match too. It would be revealed later that Adonis would not be cleared for the Dusty Classic match he was set to have with Desmond later this week. I will say that I like Kross using that elbow strike more than the submission. 


MSK Vignette 

Nice little vignette here for MSK as they recapped their debut and win from last week. These two are really talented and they currently are my pick to win the Dusty Classic. I think these two can be a huge deal in NXT and have the talent to be one of their next big breakout acts.  


Toni Storm & Mercedes Martinez Promo 

Solid promo work from these two here as they spoke about their upcoming match in the Women’s Dusty Classic. I have totally bought into Toni being a heel and I think it suits her rather well. Mercedes hasn’t really had that much time to show her stuff but she is solid as well. Both are confident that they will win and they don’t care that Kacy and Kayden are long-time friends because they feel like that doesn’t matter. 


Lucha House Party vs Imperium 

I wasn’t really into this match at the beginning but the match really did pick up quite nicely and was quite the good one. Imperium is all about a certain style of wrestling and it was a good clash of styles with the lucha libre style of the Lucha House Party. Imperium was in control but then it became a much more back and forth affair that made it quite enjoyable to watch. I was certain Imperium would win here but then I thought about how it would make sense for LHP to win because of their recent beef with Legado del Fantasma and that is who they would face in the next round if they won. That ended up being the case as LHP pulled up quite an upset I would say in the Dusty Classic. We then got a surprise appearance by Alexander Wolfe and his message was not clear for his fellow Imperium members. Seems like he is either taking them back to NXT UK or WALTER may be coming to NXT.  


William Regal & Beth Phoenix Introduce The Women’s Dusty Classic 

It is so nice that Beth is able to appear in NXT properly once again. She actually has grown into the commentary role and I quite enjoy her. Beth and Regal spoke about how the women of NXT have changed the game and there is no denying how much they have done that throughout the years. They really have changed the way women’s wrestling is done in WWE and that cannot be understated. They introduced the trophy for the winners and the women as well. The women have worked their butts off in NXT and they totally deserve this. 


Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro vs Toni Storm & Mercedes Martinez 

Kacy and Kayden really are small and they make Toni and Mercedes look like beasts in the ring. I was wondering if Toni and Mercedes would actually win here because they were such favorites in the match that it made me wonder if they would have the underdogs win. I mean, they are an established team and have chemistry on their side. This was a fun match and I really am a fan of Kacy and Kayden as a team. I think they could be a London and Kendrick type of team because of their size and if you remember that team then you remember how quick and good they were. This was a fun match and nicely competitive too. Toni and Mercedes were rolling but that was before Io Shirai would appear and take out Mercedes on the outside. That would lead to Kayden and Kacy taking advantage and Kacy hit an awesome looking top rope finisher. It was kind of like the Spiral Tap but with a senton finish. Really impressive move and I am sure her boyfriend Ricochet was proud of her to pull off something he totally would do too. Kacy and Kayden would later cut off a backstage segment because they are hyped over their win and that was so fun to see too.  


Finn Balor Backstage 

Finn wasted no time in getting into Regal’s office and he wants Pete Dunne. He does know he needs to take out Lorcan and Burch first so he wants them. Regal told him he can’t take them on by himself and he needs a partner. Finn told him he doesn’t have friends anymore because that is the old him and Regal seemed to tell him that maybe he should find an enemy instead to be his partner. Nice stuff here from both and Regal continues to be one of my favorite authority figures. 


Tyler Rust vs Bronson Reed 

Nice little match between these two here. Bronson was up to the challenge that Rust presented and this was a nice back and forth match between the two. This was definitely not an easy win for Bronson and I liked that. Rust looked good out there even if he lost here. I wouldn’t mind seeing these two in the North American Championship scene down the line. Bronson would win with his big splash and Bivens was not pleased with the outcome but still remained at the side of his client. 


Finn Balor Backstage 

Finn was interviewed backstage about who would be his partner for his match next week against Lorcan and Burch. He did not provide a definitive answer but did say that there are some people who owe him. NXT would go to commercial and would come back with Finn in the locker room of the Undisputed Era. He looked around and would then ask Kyle O’Reilly if he wanted to join in and take out Lorcan and Burch. Finn would make some comments and Kyle would accept. I am loving that Kyle is in this position and like the story between himself and Finn. 


Legado del Fantasma In-Ring 

Santos is so good on the mic and he just oozes charisma for days. I love how he boasted about being champion and how he is better than every other champion. He spoke about how he has taken care of every challenger and then moved on to talk about how Wilde and Mendoza won their first-round match in the Dusty Classic. He knows they are one step closer to being tag champs and wants them to join him as champions. Lucha House Party would come out and a skirmish would ensue. Legado looked to have the advantage when Curt Stallion from 205 Live would come out for the save. I am not familiar with Curt as I do not watch 205 Live but he looks good.  


Drake Maverick & Killian Dain Backstage 

I totally love these two together and they make it work so well. They were interviewed about their win in the Dusty Classic and I loved Dain’s eyes when Drake stepped in to talk. Drake spoke about how they won and that they plan on beating MSK next week. He believes they are the best team and that they will win the Dusty Classic. I like how Dain’s reactions behind him got better the more he talked. Dain might be coming around to this partnership with Drake. 


Curt Stallion Backstage 

Curt was backstage with Lucha House Party and he spoke about how he wants what is coming to him and Legado would show up. Santos would then tell him that he will expose him for the rookie that he is in a match for the title next week. That should be a fun one. 


Timothy Thatcher vs Tommaso Ciampa (Fight Pit) 

I was excited for this match and it did not disappoint one bit. I will say though that I do prefer the Fight Pit between Riddle and Thatcher a bit more. That being said, this was still a nice physical match and had some nice spots. I also do love Thatcher’s matches because they are physical and Ciampa was up to the challenge here. They started above the Fight Pit but would eventually find their way into the ring. Really nice back and forth in this match and both men seemed to have the match one at different points. Ciampa found interesting way to hit moves on to Thatcher and Thatcher found interesting positions for submissions on Ciampa. Thatcher would end up winning after pinning one of Ciampa’s legs into the corner of the Fight Pit and would put Ciampa in a Stretch Muffler to earn the submission win. They would have a bit of a stare down after the match and it would seem like they have earned each other’s respect.  


And That Is Undisputed 

Overall, another fun episode of NXT this week. The tag matches were a lot of fun and it was such an amazing sight to see the women participating in the Women’s Dusty Classic atop the entrance ramp. The Fight Pit was plenty of fun too and NXT is doing a nice job in building stories. I am interested in the Stallion/Escobar match for next week and also the O’Reilly/Balor versus Lorcan/Burch match as well. All in all, solid stuff from NXT this week. I am Sovereign S.A.M. and make sure you join me next week for another NXT review.