Card Subject to Change (Smackdown review)

Hey, I’m back!  Rather than get into a big explanation of anything, I’m just going to jump into the show and rip it apart from pillar to post.  Oh, wait, this is SD, no Raw, so I can enjoy myself without throwing tomatoes at my TV!


No, I’m The Head Of THIS Table


I’m honestly in awe of the work Reigns has been putting out week by week.  He’s found his character that works best for him, and he’s running with it.  I know we have all said this over and over, but I’ve not been able to write about him here.  Personally, I never thought that Reigns would find his voice.  He struggled at every turn, but this, this Roman Reigns is a master of his craft, and he’s carried SD since he returned with Heyman by his side.

I will admit that in the state I’ve been in that I’ve been put out a couple times by how far they have taken things, but I know most of it is me being touchy and not that they’ve overstepped.  I love it when people who know each other, have known each other for decades, work together.  It makes everything feel that much more organic.  Heyman with Reigns is exactly that.  He’s been involved with the Anoa’i family since he was fifteen, and it shows in these segments.  Not sure I want to see Heyman in the ring again, but I’m sure it will be something screwy with Pearce.


Finally Some Continuity!


I’ve not been thrilled that the Women’s Tag Team Champs have been hanging out on Raw and only on Raw.  I have said that it’s smart that they don’t bounce as much because of Covid-19, but it’s been hurting the straps in the process.  I’ve felt for a while now that Riott Squad should be Tag Team Champs moving forward, because I’m sure Asuka and Charlotte will be in big feuds between the Rumble and WM.  Also, Billie Kay running with the RS gives them more interest and an upper hand outside the ring – most of the time, but not this week.

Me being me, I’ve been loving the Riott Squad ring gear of late.  They look like a team, but still rock gear that suits their bodies.  I’m also biased as I LOVE yellow plaid anything.  Asuka and Charlotte also look like a cohesive team in how they came to the ring, and how they’re both in red (Raw) versions of their regular gear.  It’s nice to see them both really look like teams.

Let me just say, as most everyone knew, that I was thrilled that Peyton was going to get a solid push.  Yet, here we are, Peyton not getting anywhere and BK is killing it in all she’s done since they split.  She has more personality and is willing to make a fool of herself in such ways that I never thought possible.  I never thought I’d say this, and I know no one thought I’d say it, but I think I’m actually starting to like and believe in BK as a WWE superstar!


No Longer Plaid


Poor Billie Kay, she’s being kicked to the curb yet again.  She was stronger here than I would have thought possible even a couple months ago.  See, proof that I can change my mind about people.  Well, I can about some people.  Brock Lesnar can always and forever pound sand.


He’s Not A Lumberjack, But That’s Okay!

We’ve not had my favorite numbers promos, or even the build to the Royal Rumble Match, but Bry totally killed it in the ring talking up the Rumble and WM.  I would love to see Bry win the Rumble.  Then again, there are a number of people who I’d love to see win the Rumbles, both of them.

Finally we have Cesaro on mic working with someone fantastic.  I’m downright thrilled to see these two going at it on mic, and in the ring.  Cesaro is solid on mic, but he struggled in a few spots here.  Not his best promo, but I’m loving that he’s getting some mic time with someone like Bry.

Then Ziggy came out wearing his 80s gloves and pants that are so poorly made they should never be on TV, to completely change the direction of this segment.  I have no clue who wrote this SD, but there has been more questions than answers, and everyone knows I love that!


I Love That Move!


The Neutralizer always impresses me, even on someone the size of Ziggy.  No matter who Cesaro hits that move on, it always looks great.  Cesaro has been stuck in the Tag Division for much of his WWE career, so seeing him stepping out on his own the way he has been makes me giddy.  Most everyone else at WR thinks Cesaro needs a partner, but not me.  I think he could really do well with mid-card gold, and should be given the chance.

I like how Bry went to announce for this match, he always adds so much when there.


Cirque De Sommelier


First off, holy smokes Mella!  That red outfit left nothing to the imagination, and Corey made his feelings about the outfit known from his comments and smiles when she joined him on announce.  Second, I love Sasha’s new wig.  It looks better on her than the solid blue wig did.

Lastly, Reginald can move!  I haven’t seen his ring skills, but he’s obviously a great high-flier.  The way he flew around made me think of a young K-Kwik.  I’m excited to see where he goes from here.

Botch:  DAG!  Reginald KILLED it in there!  Mr. Killings wishes he were this capable.  He was so fluid in there with Sasha.  They had real chemistry and this whole thing was so much fun.  Reginald was previously Akeem Young (as named in NXT) for just a couple of months before he became Carmella’s sommelier.  Turns out our Reginald was Sidney Bateman, a featured performer with Cirq De Soleil.  Check this out.  Once you do, Reginald’s athletic prowess will make total sense:




I didn’t realize it until I had the laptop on my knees, typing away, did I see how much Big E’s ring gear looks a bit Dusty.  I love this ring gear and that he’s repping the way he is.  I’ve also loved how Big E and Apollo have been working together lately.  Annoyed that Sami got involved the way he did, because this could have been a show-stealing match.  I’m sure we will see it again soon.


Thanks KO


I love KO simply talking.  He’s so good at it – leaps and bounds better than most of his contemporaries – so I don’t think I’ll ever complain about KO doing simple promos like this.  The explanation about his tattoos was so lovely.  I’m in the process of designing a tribute tattoo to my mother who lost her fight with cancer on December 12th, having only been diagnosed on November 20th.  That’s the reason I’ve been away for a bit.  Seeing KO talk the way he did about his grandfathers really touched me in a way that wrestling really does.  While he didn’t slip into his French Canadian accent, which always reminds me of where I grew up (one of the two largest settlements of French Canadians in Maine), he touched me in a way I truly needed in this moment.  I gave KO’s segment 5 crowns because of how personal the segment was – for him, and me.


Sonya Rocking It!


She looks amazing in those suits, and she’s been rocking everything since she returned.  Hopefully she’s doing well and putting the horrors behind her.

Botch:  I’m so glad to see her back.  She was pretty stilted here but she’ll get it.  It’s all new to her.  The Profits were really fun here but when aren’t they?


Where’s The Keg?


That was pretty much what I expected from the obstacle course.  No question that Bayley would play dirty and Bianca would win it, pissing Bayley off in the end.  The way Bianca moves is truely athletic, and she leaves me in awe each time I see her doing anything athletic.  I know I keep saying this, but I want to see Bianca and Cesaro have pound-for-pound strengths tests.  I think it would be really interesting to see – whether on WWE TV or on the WWE Network.


So Much For Dom!


Corbin took Dom out like he was a jobber.  That being said, Dom looked strong in the ring from the start of the match, and hit a few moves that were much more graceful than he was last in the ring.  I think this we just another priming match for him.  He’s still really young and really green, but working with everyone at the PC and in the locker room has obviously helped, because I could see a difference in him.  Dom doesn’t need to be doing big matches, he needs to be learning and growing, which he’s been doing.  I’m impressed by the kid and see big things in his future if he keeps working as hard as he so obviously has been over the past two years when he first took bumps from Brock Lesnar in Rey’s feud.


Heyman Is A Good!


We all saw this coming for two hours and Pearce couldn’t see it?  That’s a bit daft for me, but that’s WWE for you.  The whole show has been downright fantastic (mostly), so I knew that this wouldn’t be Heyman versus Pearce.  I didn’t know what the plan was, but the swerves and directions this took were wonderful.  No clue where Jey was through all this, but KO looked like a beast over Reigns and really sold their upcoming match in a lovely way.

This is how great wrestling storytelling can be.


Shut Up Graves, I’m Talking!

I have to say it feels nice to be back writing about wrestling.  This was the longest I’ve not written about wrestling in sixteen years, and I really needed it.  I didn’t want it to come about the way it did, but I needed some separation to work through things.  There is still a lot going on, and I’m not doing very well in all reality, but in this time we need to be here for each other.