NXT Could Air On A Different Night in 2021!

According to multiple reports, NBC Sports Network (owned by NBCUniversal the owner of the USA Network) is shutting down and sports properties like the NHL and NASCAR are expected to move to the USA Network. This could obviously have a big impact on Impact Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, NXT and New Japan Pro Wrestling since many of the NHL games on NBCSN air on Wednesday nights.

Obviously, if these sports air on Wednesdays NXT will have to move nights but to which night? Tuesday’s would be the obvious choice but that would be a disaster for Impact Wrestling who airs on Tuesdays on AXS TV. NXT could also air Thursday’s or Impact could move to that night if they go with Tuesday but that may put a kink in NJPW’s plans as their new TV deal in America is rumoured to have them air on Thursday nights.

It is widely believed that WWE moved  NXT to USA to counter AEW and keep their ratings down to a certain level so that they have less leverage when it comes time to negotiate a new TV deal/extension with TNT. However, NXT’s deal with USA is reportedly up in September this year and given that the ratings have not been great up against AEW it’s also possible USA will choose not to renew the deal.

Sir Mitch Says: Let’s be honest, we all knew NXT would move nights eventually, we just didn’t know how that would come to pass. In the end, doing so will help WWE as much as it will help AEW.