WWE Raw – Live Coverage And Results

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WWE Raw Results:

Drew McIntyre comes out to start Raw and he thanks everybody for the well wishes while he was in quarantine. He says he is healthy and how he plans on beating Goldberg at the Royal Rumble. The Miz and John Morrison then interrupt him and talk about how big the match between McIntyre and Goldberg. Miz then brings up how he and Morrison will beat up whoever comes out victorious and how he will cash-in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Goldberg’s music hits and he makes his way out and tells McIntyre that he is next. Both men bring Miz and Morrison into the ring and Goldberg hits Miz with a spear while McIntyre hits Morrison with a Claymore. The two then have a stare down in the middle of the ring.

Charlotte Flair is interviewed at Gorilla about her match tonight with Shayna Baszler. She talks about how she will be taking on Shayna and that she will be defending the tag titles with Asuka and compete in the Royal Rumble. She laughs off the possible relationship between Lacey Evans and Ric Flair and makes her way out to the ring.

Charlotte Flair def. Shayna Baszler by DQ when Nia Jax attacks her. Shayna and Nia continue the attack until Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose come to save Charlotte. Lacey Evans then comes out to attack Charlotte and the women continue the brawl as Raw goes to commercial.

Charlotte Flair, Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose def. Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax & Lacey Evans by count out. Adam Pearce comes out during the commercial break to restart the match.

Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler & Lacey Evans def. Dana Brooke, Mandy Rose & Charlotte Flair

A video is played from last week where Mustafa Ali talks about Mace beating Xavier Woods. Another video is then shown of Ali talking about why he is going after Kofi Kingston and it is because of how Kofi took all his momentum that led to him winning the WWE Championship when he was injured.

Xavier Woods def. Slapjack. Woods is beaten down by Retribution after the match. Ali threatens a chair shot but places it in the ring and sits down. He makes fun of Woods wanting to be King of the Ring and that he wants him to deliver a message to Kofi Kingston. He then says that he is Kofi’s replacement in the Rumble since Kofi is injured and laughs in the face of Woods.

Riddle is walking backstage and bumps into R-Truth. Riddle asks him what he is doing and then says he is waiting for his surprise birthday party. He then says he heard they have 24 gold carrots and then leaves when he tells Riddle he will share them with him as long as he doesn’t say anything. Riddle agrees and then says he has some plans for the VIP Lounge as Raw goes to commercial.

The Hurt Business come out to the ring for the VIP Lounge. MVP gets on the mic and talks about the plans they have and how Lashley requested the VIP Lounge. MVP brings up the gauntlet match with Riddle and that they need to focus on the task at hand. Lashley then starts talking about how they are champions and have only just begun. Shelton then gets on the mic and Cedric cuts him off to give MVP props for their success. Lashley then says they have a gift for him and he is handed a “The Hurt Business” chain. Cedric then takes credit for it when he is interrupted by Shelton to question why he said that. R-Truth then shows up and MVP questions why he is there. Truth says he is there for his birthday and the Hurt Business continue to say they are not there for him. Lashley then tells Truth to get in the ring for his gift but the locker room come out to get Truth. A skirmish happens and Riddle sneaks in to attack MVP. Riddle is able to get away before the rest of the Hurt Business can get their hands on him.

Adam Pearce is walking backstage and bumps into R-Truth. He asks him what he is doing and Truth tells him he is hiding. Truth then tells him he wants to prove he can be in the Money in the Bank match and then AJ Styles appears. AJ then says he will help Truth in proving he can be in the match and Pearce makes it official.

Sheamus def. John Morrison. The Miz challenges him to a handicap match after and Sheamus accepts.

The Miz & John Morrison def. Sheamus

Lacey Evans and Ric Flair are in a room and Ric is showing her how to escape different holds. Charlotte Flair then walks in and tells Lacey to leave and she does. Ric then says he will do whatever he wants and Charlotte tells him that she is trying to protect him. Charlotte tells him that she has no issue in telling him these things and is then blindsided by a Woman’s Right from Lacey. Ric tries to check on her but Lacey pulls him away so he can continue to show her holds and the two leave.

AJ Styles def. R-Truth

A replay of Randy Orton’s promo last week is played.

Alexa Bliss in in Alexa’s Playground and she talks about how last week was fun. She takes pleasure in the fireball and laughs at the replay. She then talks about wanting to have fun with Asuka in her playground but she didn’t go along with it. A recap of their match from last week is played and she says that the Fiend taught her the trick she pulled on Asuka last week. She says she cannot wait to see the Fiend again and that she has a chance to beat Asuka for the title tonight. She then starts singing “Ring Around the Rosie” and says “let me in!” to the camera.

Riddle def. Shelton Benjamin in a gauntlet match

Riddle def. MVP in a gauntlet match

Riddle def. Cedric Alexander in a gauntlet match and earns a US Championship opportunity. Bobby Lashley attacks Riddle after the match.

Edge is in a ring to give an update on his status. He talks about how nothing is guaranteed and how you need to pick yourself up at times. Edge then recalls when he was forced to retire due to injury. He then talks about how he fought to be able to wrestle again. Edge talks about how he was injured by Randy Orton last year and how he has moved on from it. He then says he will be in this year’s Royal Rumble so he can take back what he never lost. He starts to talk about achieving his dreams and that he believes he can win the Rumble.

Asuka vs Alexa Bliss ends in a no-contest. Alexa transformed multiple times and the match would continue. Alexa had Asuka ready for her finisher when Randy Orton would appear behind her and hit her with an RKO. Randy stands over Alexa as Raw comes to a close.