Mox Stands Up To Kenta

Due to the pandemic travel has halted, making it impossible for Mox to defend his IWGP United States Championship.  KENTA has been calling out Mox, stating he’s done more holding the briefcase with his contract to face Mox than Mox has done defending the title.

Mox stated in a promo on the first night of Wrestle Kingdom 15 that he would be back, and he did just that laying out KENTA on the latest NJPW Strong.

Update: The match has been officially set to happen on February 26 on New Japan Strong for the title.

QD – I might sound like sour grapes, but I think this is a bit ridiculous that wrestlers from Japan are flying back and forth for shows.  They are self-quarantining on each end.  To me it’s an unnecessary risk for a half-hour of entertainment.  Yes, I’d rather go without than see some of the risks they’ve been taking.