Canada Has Canada’s Back (Smackdown Review)

I’ve been excited to see Smackdown since the Rumble where Bianca won.  Edge has been everywhere, but not Bianca.  She’s not been a champion in WWE.  She’s not even been wrestling that long, but she truly is the total package.  Much more than The Total Package ever was.  She can GO, and I’m so excited to see her and Sasha (I’m guessing) kill it at WM.  Some people were really down on her crying after she won the Rumble Match, that it took away from her cockiness.  I, personally, found her emotion endearing.  She’s a real human being, not a robot, and she won the biggest thing in her career to date.  So anyone who said her emotion took away from her win needs to go pound sand.


Not Everyone Jumps


Reigns seems to be cracking the tiniest bit under the weight of being Head of the Table.  Just slightly, and only after Edge didn’t do what Reigns demanded he do.  The control of his face, his voice, virtually spitting his words at Edge.  Personally I’d rather Edge face McIntyre or Dunne for their titles, because Reigns doesn’t need Edge in his continued work at the top of SD.

Not one word about Jey not being on SD or RR, but he’s back.  They really should have addressed it in some way.




Rey was wearing another Louis Vuitton shirt!  What is it with that family and LV?  I honestly don’t understand the crossover, because I would think WWE is way too lowbrow for LV, but the Mysterio family almost always wears LV clothes, and Sasha’s RR ring gear was LV!

Yes, I am totally annoyed by LV, but I’m also annoyed that we’ve seen this same match over and over and it’s stale.  I get that Corbin is someone great for Dom to work with so early in his career, but this screams that they have nothing for the two of them, but don’t want to pull them off TV to get lost in the chaff.  I will say that the ending was different.  Something we’ve not seen, and Dom got the win, but it was still only marginal because we are all so over this lackluster feud.


This!  More Of This!


From the first move, all the greatness, as well as they worked that ring together – I want more!  I was shocked that Bry went for the submission so early in the match, and it had me worried that they were going to fluff this one-off, but no.  There were a few small issues with Cesaro being busted open, but I truly didn’t see Bry tapping out to the sharpshooter the way he did.  I’m all for Cesaro as a top guy in WWE.  I’ve said it for years, and it looks like he might be moving up the roster – finally!

This needs to be much, much longer next time!


So Endearing


I’ve liked Bianca since I first saw her in NXT, and she’s grown so much in front of our eyes.  She’s a strong woman, but she understands what each new level of her career is about, and she really seems to be taking SD by the horns and running with it.  (You know, SD being Rock’s show, he’s the Brahma Bull, horns.  Get it?)


Can’t Blame Billie!


At least this time.  Poor Ruby has been getting the short end of Billie Kay being around, even though she didn’t cost Ruby this match.  During the DD David Jr. brought up the idea of Bayley and BK tagging together at WM and now I want it to happen more than anything else.  I know I will want other things to happen more at WM, but in this moment, that’s all I want, because those two would be insane as a team with their personalities clashing.  It could rank right up there with Team Hell No if done right.

This match, while short and focused on announce more than the ringwork, was actually a solid little match.  The moves were interesting and creative with some back and forth and lots of selling from both.  It’s easy to get distracted by BK, as she really has more personality than I thought possible.




Bianca and Reginald held their own on mic in this segment.  I loved seeing Sasha skirting turning heel a tiny bit, and throwing Carmella to the curb, but it was Reginald’s bad accent and Bianca truly getting it that made this segment amazing.  Bianca held her own on mic with Sasha as if she’d been doing it for years.  I have no clue how anyone doesn’t see the greatness in her.


Red Solo Cup Me


So much going on in this match!  Between Otis’ new sniglet to match Gable in their team, and Ziggy’s pants almost falling down because they’re so poorly made, this match sent me into a tizzy.  Honestly, add in Roode rocking my favorite look of the man he’s always reminded me of – leather jacket with a sleeveless denim jacket over it – and I was too distracted by the gear to care much about the match.  Sadly, that’s what Ziggy and Roode have been reduced to.  Otis was at the top of his game and now he’s at the bottom starting again with a different partner, looking all the world like he just came to the main roster.  The whole match was a total mess for me, except that little picture in picture that saved a lot of it for me.

Great use of Street Profits!  Their ring work is wonderful, but their mic work wins the fans.  They brought it all to this match and I want more!  Imagine the grade that match would have gotten without Street Profits!


Go Home Racist!

There is no reason, ever, for WWE to put Hogan on our TV screens.  No, just no!


That Big Ending!


While I feel like we don’t get a lot of him every week, it seems like Sami is more in touch with his character than many right now.  That man oozes his character, no matter what it is at any given time.  If we only knew what a great heel he could be, maybe Sami would have been a top guy.  The field is getting thicker again, pretty much guaranteeing that only KO will be the top champion between those close friends.

The three men in this match really left it all out there.  This build for Big E has been a lot of fun to watch because he’s only slightly tweaked his character, but that slight tweak makes him that much more viable to be Uni Champ at some time in the next year.  Dang, the power of Big E leaves me in awe.

Apollo looked amazing in this match.  I have to say I’d love to see more of him working with Big E.  They had some solid chemistry in this one – though it was hard to see through all that Sami all over the place.


Pissed Toddler Paces


I found Jey’s pacing so distracting, and anything that distracts me from Edge’s facial expressions, and I’m all about how wrestlers emote!  Edge is one of the best, visually, and has been for most of his career.  He’s showing his age but hasn’t lost a step as an actor.  Then there’s Reigns who is so on point with his promos now that I’m in awe each time he has the mic.  The two of them would be great feuding on mic leading to WM, but the last person I want to see Edge face at WM.  I said it earlier and I’ll say it again, but I truly think it should be either McIntyre for the WWE Championship or Dunne (I’ll even go as far as Kross) for the NXT Championship.  They’ve built for any of those things to happen, but I don’t think Riegns is the way to go this time.


Shut Up Graves, I’m talking!

I normally notice the top of the hour(s) during wrestling shows, but I didn’t notice the time until the final segment of the show.  This episode of SD was so solid that I didn’t even notice.  I honestly didn’t even notice when the racist was on the screen.  I think I blanked it out while it happened.  Other than that, this was a very strong episode of SD that  was only marginally marred for a moment.