I’m Franzia? No, I’m Expensive Wine!

Going into any go-home Smackdown I’m excited to see what they have for us.  Being so close to a PPV heightens everything and it usually feels to me that SD is better at encompassing the excitement coming down the pipe in coming days.  Raw, on the other hand, does better post-PPV.  As annoyed as I am that SD is on Friday night, it matters much less during the pandemic.  I won’t complain about it again until the world opens up again and I spend my Friday nights setting up my medieval life.  Until then, I’m going to continue loving SD the way I do, especially when it’s go-home.


You Suck!

I love Edge’s music and pyro.  I truly didn’t realize how much I missed hearing his music until he returned at the 2020 Royal Rumble.  Since then, I relish it each and every time we hear it because we won’t be hearing it for another ten years.  He’s running on borrowed time – as is Bry – and hopefully, both will again step away before it’s too late.  I love that both of them are back, and while it makes me wonder about Paige, I’m going to roll around, wallow in, their greatness until they again need to step back for good.

I know they are piping in noise more and more, but when we can see the fans yelling smack at RR, we know that he’s the top heel of the roster right now.  I love what he’s become because there wouldn’t have been any RR to stand up to Edge if he hadn’t found this character which is perfect for him.  I really didn’t think there would be much between these two, but this segment has been great and RR hasn’t had to say anything.  He’s riled everyone up so much that they’re talking around him, but he’s the one getting the massive heat.  This is beautiful.  Whispering to Edge made the end to this fantastic segment.

Sami has been killing it on mic, as well as in the ring, but this segment was perfect for him.  The complete and total rant that had nothing to do with RR or Edge in any way, shape, or form.


Walk Away!

Crews came across really well here.  Talking ancestors, showing some fire, and giving us more than he ever has.  It was good, but nowhere near as good as Big E on the sofa, soaking his feet with his horrible TV dinner.  I’m not saying Crews won’t be great on mic at some point, just that he doesn’t have the natural charisma that oozes all the time.

The match was really nothing to write home about, but the after-match was where Crews showed just how much a heel he’s turning.  The fighting between Crews and Big E is getting more interesting every week.  I love that they didn’t show what happened to Big E.  I keep saying that they need to do more without fans there, and they’re doing just that.  If there had been fans there live when Crews threw the stairs out onto Big E, at least 50 cameras would catch what really happened outside the ring, and nothing could have come of it.  Bravo WWE for stepping up your fanless game on this Road to WM!


We Are Winners!

Rollins has really lost his poo.  Or maybe it comes from changing poo diapers?  If that was it, we’d be seeing David Jr being the heel of the DDs, and he isn’t.  This was a solid segment, but too long.  They could have done that in half the time and it would have been a tight, crisp segment.  It was too rambling for me.


Bivens Push!

KO pushing the NXT guys by wearing their shirts is a very cool thing to do.  When I pointed this out to Stacy, he said it would be great for more of the guys to do it, just to help the NXT superstars along.  KO’s heart shows when he wears those shirts, and when talking to Edge here.  It was a really sweet moment, and his accent popped out a bit talking to another Canadian.  We all know how much I love KO’s accent.


Runaway Train!

It looks like Tamina might be in store for a push.  She has new ring gear, her hair is different, and she looked great in there.  I hate to say I’m waiting for her to be injured, but history dictates that it will happen sooner than later.  I hope she gets a solid push this time, but not with Nattie!  It’s time for Nattie to train wrestlers of the future.  I feel horrible for Riott Squad being beaten, yet again.


I Think NOT!

There’s no way Corbin’s suit or watch cost what he claimed.  I will say he was the perfect straight man for Edge in this segment, and I like that they kept it short.  This is a great way for Edge to touch base with everyone in the SD EC match on Sunday.


Ding Dong, Hole!

Wow, Shayna and Nia are boxed wine?  I love it!  Reginald has been an unexpected delight that no one saw coming.  Not on SD, and not in this segment.  He came in and dropped the segment on its head the way things should go down each week.  So much fun as Bayley was completely shut out of her own talk show!  Also, I need to find out where Bianca gets her fabrics printed.


He Did It!

If Bayley is to move wrong in the ring in that top, there will be a wardrobe malfunction!  But beyond that, this match was fantastic!  Seeing these women face off and look great is always wonderful, but with the addition of Reginald, this made my night.  This was a lot of fun, showed so much personality, and helped push all six of them forward.  This wasn’t a great technical match, but it was completely entertaining and good for all involved.  Well, maybe not Bayley, but she didn’t need to be here.


Bonehead Move!

I’m a massive Cesaro fan, and have been all along.  This was one of his most relaxed segments on mic.  He handled himself like a seasoned pro, and took Edge’s grit comment and turned it around on him.  The way he turned it on Edge, looking at his fingernails, saying what he did about seeing Edge in the main event at WM was true top superstar to me.  This is UUDD Uno Cesaro and I love it!


What?  Why?

I have no clue what happened or what was supposed to happen, but it didn’t look good on my TV and I wasn’t the only one totally confused and not impressed.  I love Otis and Gable, and Rey and Dom, but this was just bad.


3 Second Vegan!

I’d love to see Bry and Edge at WM.  The battle of the necks!  I’d pay good money to see that.  Honestly, that’s a match I’d pay front row at WM to see – if I had it.  Their chemistry even here was palpable.


Not Tonight, But Sunday!

I love these three talking smack the way they did here.  The chemistry between the three was stellar.  I really liked it between Bry and Cesaro.  All three felt strong here, even Cesaro who would have been odd-man-out until recently.  Loving his new chill persona.  Fingers crossed that he gets pushed.


Six Go In!

Seeing these guys go all out a couple days before they really go all out in the most painful structure in WWE history and go all out on a PPV level.  This was a nice little taste of what’s to come, and Cesaro looked amazing in there.  He’s the most fit of the six, and he worked hard in there while looking (mostly) great doing it.  Spinning Corbin, who is three inches taller than Cesaro has to be hard to do.

I expected that we’d see a brawl at the end, but I think they did a great job not doing the obvious.  I will say I hope this is the only time we see spear versus spear, as I have no interest in them working at WM.


Shut Up Graves, I’m Talking!

This was a solid go-home SD, as expected.  There wasn’t the massive melee after the main event, but I’m glad they didn’t.  What they did do worked perfectly.  Make sure you check out the Elimination Chamber Predicts when posted, and join us for the Elimination Chamber Dignified Discussion!