We All Missed Asuka – Elimination Chamber Review

I have to say, from the start, WWE dropped the ball in a massive way with this Elimination Chamber card.  The show has been booked as if it was AEW, not the WWE that has grown so much with how women are booked in the company.  Every EC match we’ve seen with the women has more than challenged the men’s EC matches on the same card.  They have been stellar and that there wasn’t even a women’s match on the card until SD on Friday is a travesty.  Just because Becky is not working right now is no reason for the women to be an afterthought for this PPV.  Really disgusted with WWE for this.


Wait, What?

Going into this match most of us were nervous about how low the EC was hanging over the ring.  All four men in this match could have hit their heads on the bottom of the EC working the way they normally do.  Then we get to the actual match and the EC wasn’t there.  Goes back to WWE doing things they normally couldn’t do if there were live fans in the arena.  I wish they’d done more of that over this past year, because their window is closing as the vaccines are being injected.

As to the match?  High flying, big spots, lots of Retribution helping Ali but didn’t help in the end.  Of all the guys in this match, JoMo was least likely to win it, for me.  Not saying any of the four in this match have been doing well lately, but JoMo hasn’t grown at all since his last run in WWE.  He’s always been able to move, but he’s older now.  He’s not grown at all in the personality or charisma front.  He’s pulling Miz down, and has since he returned.  The only good reason I see for JoMo to be in WWE is that they signed his wife, who I’m thrilled to see in WWE.  I guess he won this so he can lose later.  None of us picked JoMo to win this, and not one WR mentioned him doing anything but being pinned in the US Championship Match later tonight.


Gone Are The Padlocks!

I wasn’t sure how I was going to review these EC matches without writing a book about each.  (Trying to write as the match goes on.)  I figured I’d way for some big moves and see what hit me as important.  Right off the bat Cesaro looked amazing in the ring with Bry.  Bry always looks great, but Cesaro taking it to Bry with a big move in the middle of the ring sealed the deal that this was going to be an amazing match.  I figured I’d move onto the next person doing something great, but I have to stick with Cesaro and how he snuck up on Sami from behind and ended his hiding in his pod.  Then Cesaro climbs and does pull-ups on the top!  This is Cesaro’s match to lose!

Watching Bry clutch his knee while both his leg and the inside of his upper arm exploded with color through this match.  He started the match with Cesaro and looked great through it all, but with all the abuse he’s taken, I’m not sure I’d want to see Bry face Reigns tonight.  Not that Bry isn’t a beast, but there’s only so much he should put his body through, especially this time of the year.  Then again, he wouldn’t be back if he wasn’t able to do all he’s doing in that ring.  Not that I thought he would win this, but I will say that my pick looked amazing in there, and I hope Cesaro will get a solid push from his showing in this match.


Sad Showing!

Cole yelling that Bry was going to win as soon as the YES lock was on RR was hysterical.  After what Bry went through in the EC, and the bruises forming, there was no way he was going to be able to handle anything like RR.  This wasn’t unexpected, no matter who won the EC, but I wish it was better for Bry.  I get why they did it, and RR sold for Edge beautifully, but it’s not the match I wanted to see at WM.  That being said, at least we are not getting Edge versus Orton, or RR versus KO at WM this year.


Not SNL!

Bad Bunny is really doing a great job of things in WWE.  He’s been a fan his entire life, so he knows what’s expected of him in segments like this.  Not only did he work the mic a bit, but the personality and charisma he emoted made my night!  The more I see of Bad Bunny in WWE, the more excited I become for him.  I have to wonder if he will only be around through WM, or more?  We thought Pat McAfee was there for one match and look at how that’s turning out!  Add in Reginald and they’re the hat trick of unexpected greatness from non-wrestlers who are stepping up to do things right in WWE.  All three have done so much more than JoMo has since his return.


Planned Jobbing!

This match was a strange mix of great moves, high spots, and Lashley annoying me.  I really didn’t think anyone but Lashley would walk out of that one as Champion, though I knew it would be JoMo taking the three.  He was put in there to take the three.

I hope this drives Lashley completely off the rails.  He’s been close lately, but I think this will tip him over the edge.  I’m interested in seeing what happens at Fastlane and WM with Riddle and Lashley.  They’re continuing to set up something massive.


The Aware Withall!

Bayley tweeted that she didn’t like the matching gear in the ring, but all four of them could have been a team through their new gear.  They all looked good, but I have to say that Nia actually looked better than usual in this ring gear.  The sparkles on her hip shovels made them almost work – almost!

I figured it would be Reginald or Carmella who would cost Sasha and Bianca this match.  There’s no reason for them to win it as I don’t think anyone believes Bianca is going to pick anyone but Sasha for the WM main event.  That being said, this was a solid little match. even though I don’t think anyone believes that Sasha could pin Nia for three in any way other than Nia being knocked out.  She’s just too tiny for it to be believable.  Beyond that, this would have been a solid SD match, but I think their actual match on SD last week was better.


Bye Orty!

Starting the first EC with Cesaro and Bry made sense.  Starting this with Jeff and Orton doesn’t fit well for me.  That being said, Stacy and I both cheered when Kofi eliminated Orton from this one.  Like most I thought it would be Bliss’ crazy antics that would cost Orton this match.  For me, I was just thrilled to see him out.

Before EC started I went into the DD and stated that Omos was going to help AJ through the removal of plexi in some way.  I put it there for a timestamp because if you can’t prove it, you didn’t say it.  I didn’t think much when the plexi fell out on Jessica in the first EC match, but that’s the panel Omos removed to help AJ get into the match before it was his time.

They did a great job of giving us a lot of solid work between McIntyre and Sheamus in this match, setting up for more greatness between them to come.  I didn’t expect AJ to eliminate Sheamus, as I thought it would come down to McIntyre and Sheamus in the end.  I like that they changed it up from the obvious.  I figured McIntyre would win this one as he needs to take his strap to WM, even though he doesn’t have a scheduled opponent yet.  I’m guessing it will be Sheaums, but we will have to wait and see what Raw and Fastlane have in store for us.


Finally Miz!

I should have seen this coming when Miz was talking to MVP.  I figured we were going to be stuck with McIntyre versus Lashley at WM, but as Lashley was working McIntyre it clicked and I was all in.  It was so how Edge set it up from the first MITB.  It was brilliant!  I’m a bit sad that McIntyre lost the strap, but so happy that Miz is again the top champ.  Miz has worked so hard for this.  He was strapped too early, but he’s more than paid his dues since then.  This is his time to drop JoMo and shine!


Shut Up Booker!

One last and interesting bit of info I thought I’d share with you.

I spend much of my non-wrestling life as a medieval fiber artist, even when I can’t attend events, it’s a massive part of who I am and what I do.  I had wondered about McIntyre’s new look, but kept forgetting to look it up.  Earlier today while discussing both wrestling and our medieval life with my dear friend Conall An Doire, he brought up McIntyre’s tartan.  Turns out that the tartan is correct for the McIntyre name.  It’s an offshoot part of the clan, but it is correct for Drew, and I give him and WWE props for making sure he went out there looking correct for his name.