WWE NXT – Live Coverage And Results

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WWE NXT Results:

A video package for Santos Escobar versus Karrion Kross is played to start NXT. Kross and Scarlett each talk about Santos and how his time has run out.

Dexter Lumis def. Johnny Gargano

William Regal is outside and he is wondering where Santos Escobar is because he hasn’t been seen.

A video package for MSK is played. They talk about how they came together in wrestling and how their friendship grew. They then talk about how they won the Dusty Classic and how much it means to them. Nas and Wes continue to talk about their friendship and how they have waited for this moment to shine in NXT.

MSK are set to be interviewed backstage but are jumped by Grizzled Young Veterans. Referees come down to pull them off as Grizzled Young Veterans talk smack to them.

A video is shown of Leon Ruff being checked out by the medical staff. Malcolm Bivens then appears and says he is glad he is okay. He asks him if he is okay to wrestle or if Swerve did too much damage to him. Ruff says he is fine and agrees to the match.

Malcolm Bivens cuts a promo in the ring with Tyler Rust prior to his match with Leon Ruff. He talks about Ruff and how Rust will show him what he is all about tonight.

Tyler Rust vs Leon Ruff does not happen as Isaiah “Swerve” Scott attacks Ruff prior to the match.

A video is shown of William Regal talking to Zoey Stark. He offers her a match against Io Shirai because she impressed him last week. Stark agrees to the match. Stark is then shown being interviewed and she talks about the match. She says she is ready but the interview is cut off due to technical difficulties.

A video is shown backstage of Cameron Grimes watching a video on his tablet of Ted Dibiase. He then walks up to someone and gives him a basketball. He says he will give him some money if he can dribble is a certain amount of times. Grimes is shocked he can do it and the person takes the money. Grimes is upset and leaves.

Io Shirai def. Zoey Stark. Toni Storm comes out and talks smack over Io not taking her on. Toni talks about how Io didn’t do anything when she kicked her last week. Toni continues to taunt her over not being able to beat her and Io says she will take her on anytime, anywhere. Toni says that Io is scared since she hasn’t asked for a match with her and wants her to find Regal to make the match.

The Way is interviewed backstage and Johnny wonders why Theory did not hit Lumis with the chair. Theory says that Lumis is misunderstood and Johnny doesn’t believe that. He tells Theory he has Stockholm Syndrome and he asks Indi what she thinks. She feels the same and both Johnny and Candice are shocked. Johnny says they will fix what is wrong with them and they leave.

Another video is shown of Cameron Grimes and he says he watched the whole video and knows what to do now. He has a basketball and offers the challenge to someone else that is sitting nearby. He goads a woman into doing it and she stands up and is bigger than him. She ends up bouncing the ball enough times even though Grimes tries to kick the ball. She takes the money and Grimes is upset once again.

Xia Li def. Kacy Catanzaro by referee stoppage. Xia stomped on Kacy’s leg on the outside and Kacy could not continue. Kayden Carter gets in her face after the match and then goes after Mei Ying to get answers but Boa stops her. Xia hits Kacy with a kick in the ring and leaves when Kayden comes running back.

William Regal is in the parking lot and continues to wonder where Santos Escobar is.

A video package is played of the future match between Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez versus Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Each team provide commentary and how they are better than the other one.

Another video is shown and he finds someone else to bounce the basketball. He yells at the man until he does it and punches him as soon as he tries to dibble the ball. He gloats about it and then leaves after tossing the money in the air.

Grizzled Young Veterans def. Drake Maverick & Killian Dain

Legado del Fantasma are shown arriving in their SUV as NXT goes to commercial.

Killian Dain is backstage with Drake Maverick and Imperium are seen walking in the background. Alexander Wolfe approaches Dain and tells him that he used to be a monster before leaving. Dain ponders that before putting Drake down and calls for a doctor.

Karrion Kross def. Santos Escobar in a No Disqualification match

LA Knight is in his car and he talks about how people have talked about when he will make his official NXT debut. He says he will make his debut when he decides the right time for it is. He then says everybody in NXT has a golden ticket to get beat down by him.

Adam Cole makes his way out to the ring to explain why he attacked Kyle O’Reilly. Cole watches a replay of his attack on O’Reilly last week and gets on the mic to explain himself. Cole says he feels sick to his stomach after watching the replay and doesn’t like what he has become over the last few weeks. Cole says he was angry that Kyle was given title shot after title shot and failing. Cole says he is ashamed of himself and admits he was wrong to Kyle to the camera. Cole says he hates himself for what he did and says he is sorry and will do his best to fix it. Roderick Strong then comes out and questions what took Cole so long in saying all of this. Strong says that everything has changed with Cole’s actions. Strong continues to talk to Cole and Finn Balor comes out. Balor attacks Cole but Strong pulls him off of him. Cole then gets the upper hand on Balor and superkicks him. Cole gets into the ring where Strong is and Strong clotheslines him. Strong looks conflicted with it and Cole tells him he is sorry while crouched on the ring mat. Strong and Cole get close with Strong tell him he is his brother and the two hug. Strong helps Cole up but Cole hits him with a low blow. Cole then pulls off the Undisputed Era dog tags from Strong and hits him with a superkick. Cole stands over Strong as NXT comes to a close.