Royalty of the Ring: DIY vs The Briscoe Brothers

With one match to go in Group A that will determine the winner of the group, we move back to Group B with huge implications. DIY takes on winners, The Briscoe Brothers and a win for the brothers here means they are guaranteed to make the final. Before we get into all that though, the two teams need to buy your vote, so let’s move onto the Tale of the Tape.


Well, we are here in the Royalty of the Ring and it is the tag team edition. There are so many great tag teams to choose from throughout the history of wrestling and I knew right away who my team would be. I went with the most popular tag team in NXT history and that is of course DIY. NXT has had great tag teams go through there, but none were as popular as DIY. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa came together and were just amazing as a team before their memorable split at TakeOver.

DIY had many fantastic matches throughout their run and I decided to go with a special one. This match isn’t one from an episode of NXT or from a TakeOver, rather it is from an episode of Smackdown from back in 2019. This may be one that slips by people’s memory of DIY but it is a great one because they came together to show just how great they are. The added bonus is that they faced off against The Bar and it was a fun match. Both teams are stellar in this one and you just have to love how DIY can find the magic against any opponent. This is a great little nugget in the history of DIY and really did show how great Ciampa and Gargano can be against any opponent no matter their size. Gargano and Ciampa also proved that they can hang with the guys that are on the “main” roster. Maybe one day in the future we can see these two teams can reunite and go at it once more because the chemistry is there for awesomeness.



I emerged victorious over the Brothers of Destruction in a hard hitting victory that was so extremely close, we were losing minutes before the deadline, but of course the right team picked up a huge ‘W’. My next opponents are DIY and their manager is one that I need vengeance against as he helped Eddie Guerrero gain a victory over Minoru Suzuki. DIY is an impressive duo if they would have stayed together long enough to even be considered good enough to go against the Briscoe’s as they have fought two great individuals in the past even better than them.

The one thing is that the Briscoe’s are a part of the Chaos faction when they are in NJPW, they fought co-leaders Shinsuke Nakamura and Kazuchika Okada, in which Nakamura and Okada told them “don’t hold back because we wouldn’t either”.

The reason I picked this match is it took the best shot that Nakamura and Okada had to take out the Briscoe’s as they are one of the best teams and they needed two great individuals from outside ROH to even have a chance to beat the them.


Well here we are. Did DIY do enough for you to head into a battle with B.O.D. with a 1-0 record or do you feel The Briscoe’s should take the whole show and head to the final? Make your vote count in the poll now! Please vote based on what you’ve read and seen here. Let’s make this a fair tournament! (Poll ends Friday March 5th, at 8pm ET).

DIY vs The Briscoe Brothers

  • DIY (69%, 18 Votes)
  • The Briscoe Brothers (31%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 26

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