WWE Raw – Live Coverage And Results

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Everybody always asked the wrong question, “Where’s Waldo?”  The real question is, Why is Waldo hiding?  Was it for Child Support?  Kidnapping?  Murder?


WWE Raw Results:

Drew McIntyre comes out for his match with Sheamus. He talks about how the match will be a war and about how he won the Elimination Chamber to retain the WWE Championship. Drew then talks about how Bobby Lashley attacked him and that led to the Miz cashing in on him to win the WWE Championship. He talks about his disgust that the Miz is champion and he plans on taking back the WWE Championship from whoever wins tonight in the main event. He is ready for his match with Sheamus but the Miz comes out to the ring with John Morrison. Miz asks to be introduced properly and talks about how he cashed in on Drew. Drew tries to bait Miz into the ring but Miz does not fall for that. Miz then questions why Drew is mad at him because he did what he was supposed to do with the Money in the Bank contract. Drew then tells him how he will come for him if he wins tonight and Miz starts to explain why he did what he did with Lashley. Miz then starts talking about how he can be good for his career but is then interrupted by MVP. MVP asks Drew if he is taking the Miz’s offer seriously and Drew says he had no intention of taking him up on the offer. MVP tells Miz that Lashley will win the title tonight and informs him as to what time the match will start before leaving. Sheamus then comes out and talks to Drew and then Drew runs down to Sheamus to start a fight. Referees come down to keep the two apart and they do as Raw goes to commercial.

Drew McIntyre def. Sheamus

Nia Jax def. Naomi

Bobby Lashley comes out with MVP for his match with the Miz. The Miz’s music plays but he is shwon in the back with John Morrison and complains about pain. Adam Pearce then comes in to ask what is wrong and he explains. Lashley goes to the back and grabs the Miz to tell him that he will have the match tonight. Pearce then informs him that he has an hour before the title match.

Braun Strowman is out to the ring and starts talking about how Adam Pearce and Shane McMahon have had it out for him. He continues to complain about it when Shane McMahon and Adam Pearce come out. Shane talks to Braun about how he is upset and that they are there to help him. Shane starts talking about conflict management and how he can apply conflict resolution with Braun. Shane tells Braun that he was the one to make the tag match tonight and that he needs to work with someone to resolve the differences. Shane says that Braun will be partnered with WWE management and Braun asks if he is his partner. Shane says he won’t be and that his partner will be Adam Pearce. Braun doesn’t like the idea and Shane continues to explain his reasoning and says they will compete for the tag titles. Braun is fine with that idea and tells Shane that if Pearce does not do well, he will get these hands.

The Hurt Business def. Adam Pearce & Braun Strowman to retain the Raw Tag Team Titles

Bad Bunny and Damian Priest are talking backstage when Elias and Jaxson Ryker show up. Elias talks to Bunny about how they are equals in the music business and how they both have made music that changes people. Elias then proposes that they make music together but he declines.

Elias is in the ring with Jaxson Ryker and he talks about how Bad Bunny made a poor decision by passing up doing a song. He talks some more about it and is ready to play a song to remind people what “WWE” stands for but is interrupted by Bad Bunny. Damian Priest then follows and makes his way out for his match with Elias.

Damian Priest def. Elias

Randy Orton is interviewed backstage about the odd things that have been happening to him. Randy says he has no idea what happened last week but that Alexa Bliss was the one behind it. Orton then says that Alexa should stay out of his life if she knows what is good for her. Alexa then appears on the screen with a jack in the box and says “bring him back” to it. Alexa then says Randy needs to know something and a figure in Orton’s hood walks up and it is him. This version of Randy says he will come face to face with everything he has done and Orton begins to cough as the Orton in the screen laughs.

Bobby Lashley def. The Miz by count out. The Miz retains the WWE Championship due to the match ending in count out.

Bobby Lashley and MVP are backstage with Shane McMahon and they complain about what the Miz did. Shane says they will figure it out and Shane says he will consider stripping Miz of the WWE Championship.

Charlotte Flair comes out to the ring for her match with Shayna Baszler and she gets on the mic. She talks about when she came back to WWE and how she didn’t want to be in the Raw Women’s Championship picture and that is why she became Asuka’s tag partner. She then talks about how she had her feud with Lacey Evans and then talks about Wrestlemania and what her plans are. Charlotte says she wants to face Asuka at Wrestlemania but Asuka is injured at home. Charlotte then says she will challenge Asuka as soon as she is able to come back. Shayna Baszler then comes out with Nia Jax and talks about how Charlotte is fighting an uphill battle. Shayna and Nia talk to Charlotte about how she is alone and how they run the division. They say that one of them will have the next shot at Asuka and how Charlotte will get beaten tonight. Charlotte dismisses what they said and Shayna then enters the ring for their match. Charlotte attacks Shayna but Nia Jax then attacks her. Shayna and Nia beat down Charlotte and Raw goes to commercial with the referee checking on Charlotte.

Charlotte Flair def. Shayna Baszler

Shane McMahon and Adam Pearce are talking about what can happen if the Miz does not show up for the title match. Shane tells Pearce to let Miz know that if he does not show up for the match, he will be stripped of the title.

Lucha House Party & Riddle def. Retribution. Mustafa Ali is angry after the match and challenges Riddle to a match to show the rest of Retribution how it is done.

Mustafa Ali def. Riddle

Shane McMahon and Adam Pearce are in their office when the Miz shows up. The Miz and Shane have a back and forth about him defending the WWE Championship. The Miz says he deserves to be champion and to go to Wrestlemania. Miz starts talking about how he is a main event talent and questions what kind of champion Lashley would be. Shane tells him that he might find out and wishes him luck in his match.

Bobby Lashley def. The Miz to win the WWE Championship