We’re Going To Chuck E. Cheese (WWE NXT Review)

Another week and another episode of NXT has come by. There was plenty of stuff to look forward to this week as the Way was set to go to therapy, Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa were set to face Lorcan and Burch and we had the Women’s Tag Title match to look forward to as well. NXT has really been bringing it and this week’s episode sure had the components to keep the trend going. Let us see how the black and gold brand did this week. 


Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher 

This was a really fun and hard-hitting tag match to start NXT this week. All four men have no issue in dabbling in the stiffer style of wrestling and this was quite the treat. One interesting thing was seeing Thatcher finishing a conversation with Barthel of Imperium and Ciampa had a bit of a look when he saw that. This was a great tag match and there was plenty of back and forth in it between these two teams. Thatcher would end up taking quite the bump from a suplex but was okay to continue. Imperium would end up appearing on the entrance ramp and that would distract Thatcher allowing Lorcan and Burch to pick up the win. Seems like there is plenty more to the conversation Thatcher had with Barthel and we shall see how it plays out.  


Roderick Strong In-Ring 

I love seeing Strong work the ring but the mic game has really been his weak point. He says all the things but they sound bland. It is a bit like a perfectly cooked steak but without any seasoning on it rendering it bland. He wanted Adam Cole to come out but he would get Finn Balor instead. Finn is the total opposite of Strong on the mic as he really made this segment more than what it was. Balor would say he is challenging Cole to a match next week and will even put the NXT Championship on the line. He would then talk about why the Undisputed Era broke up and how Strong is a weakling and a follower. Strong would end up attacking Balor and they would be separated. We would find out later in the night that the match between Cole and Balor would be made official and next week will have two big title matches. 


The Way Goes To Therapy Part 1 

I mentioned this in the DD and I will mention it again here that the Way are my favorite thing going in wrestling right now. I know we have the Hurt Business on Raw and Roman on SD but the Way is just so entertaining and they nail it on every level. I loved how Johnny could not stand to listen to Theory talk good about Lumis and how Indi was writing “Mrs. Indi Wrestling Lumis” on a notepad. This was just hilarious and I loved how the therapist would kick Johnny out of the room because of his interference. Candice was great here too and we have more to come later in the show.  


Cameron Grimes Backstage 

I just love rich Cameron Grimes and I liked how he was backstage trying to get things done for him. William Regal would end up showing up and telling him how much trouble he was in for hitting someone last week. Grimes told him he could easily pay whatever fine but Regal would tell him that it would be taken care of. Regal would end up telling him that he was going to have a match against Bronson Reed and I loved how Grimes tried to bribe Regal. That wouldn’t work and Grims did not look very pleased with having to have a match since he is rich. 


Aliyah vs Ember Moon 

This match was a bit clunky at first but it would get better as it went on. I do say clunky because it felt like the set up for moves was noticeable and the timing was not all there. I will say though that I loved how Robert Stone was tweaked out the moment he saw Shotzi driving her tank and you know he was having flashbacks. Again, the match was fine and I think it could have been better if the timing between Aliyah and Ember was better. Jessi and Stone would try to get involved but Shotzi would end up taking them out. Ember would hit the Eclipse on Aliyah and would get the win. I still enjoy this pairing but am a bit saddened that Stone did not get run over by Shotzi’s new tank.  


Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa Interview 

This was short and to the point as they were interviewed about what happened earlier in the night. Thatcher would touch on the fact he has history with Imperium and that is true as he was a part of Ringkampf with WALTER and Barthel prior to his time in NXT. Ciampa seems to want it to only be history and the two would end up leaving. I have a feeling that Ciampa and Thatcher may not be a team that has a long run in NXT. 


Toni Storm & Io Shirai Video Package 

Nice little video package here as Toni and Io would provide comments as highlights of the two were played. Toni touched on how she has beaten Io in the past and Io touched on how she wants to beat Toni to cement her status in NXT. Both women are confident heading into their match next week and both feel like they can come out as champion. It is great that they touch on their history because it is quite the long one and I am sure the match will be a banger. 


Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez vs Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (Women’s Tag Team Titles) 

I am just going to get this out of the way and say that ADAM PEARCE IS THE BIGGEST HEEL IN NXT! Spoiler alert, Pearce would screw Dakota and Raquel out of a win in this match. That ending is what bumps the grade up slightly because NXT doesn’t do this type of finish very often and the story is not over by a longshot. The match itself was plenty of fun and I did enjoy how Dakota and Shayna would call back to when Shayna was in NXT and she tormented Dakota on the daily. The difference is that Dakota has Raquel now and I loved how she had her back. Raquel actually looked right at home against Shayna and the bit she was in there against Nia. NXT has done such a great job in bringing her along and she has developed quite nicely. As I said in the beginning Pearce would end up screwing Dakota and Raquel after the referee went down and he brought one out from the main roster. He would count the submission for Shayna even though Dakota was not the legal person, Raquel was. There will definitely be more to this and I am intrigued as to what is next. 


The Way Goes To Therapy Part 2 

This was another hilarious segment as Theory and Indi continued to talk about how Lumis is a great guy. I loved how it was clear that Candice was receiving texts from Johnny as she kept looking down at her lap whenever she had something to say. She conveyed Johnny’s displeasure in whatever Theory had to say about Lumis and the therapist would end up catching on to it. She would kick Indi and Candice out and she wanted Theory to tell her exactly what happened with him and Lumis. Theory looked a bit scared by it but he seemed ready to talk about it as this segment ended. Fun stuff and the Way is just amazing.  


Isaiah “Swerve” Scott Promo 

Swerve was in his recording studio and he had some words to say about what is going on in NXT. He talked about how Leon Ruff continues to luck into opportunities when he hasn’t had such luck. He is ready to go get his own opportunities and doesn’t care what people think about it. He is dangerous and doesn’t care anymore. I am digging this new direction with Swerve and cannot wait to see what it next. 


LA Knight In-Ring 

A little thing I noticed when Knight was walking in the back prior to coming out was that Killian Dain was talking to Alexander Wolfe. Seems like Imperium may be recruiting and it makes me wonder what they have planned. Knight is great on the mic and he really shined here. I also dug the jacket he had on as well and how he color coordinates quite nicely. The promo was great as he talked about how he isn’t like some of the other NXT talent with what they can do and how he is his own person. He is ready to kick butt for whoever wants it and this was solid work from Knight here. It will take some time in getting used to calling the former Eli Drake “LA Knight” but I think it will grow on me.  


Bronson Reed vs Cameron Grimes 

Solid match here as these two have squared off in the past and they obviously have some solid chemistry. I will say though that the best part was that Grimes is indeed using that remix song as his entrance music and his tron is perfect now. Solid back and forth in the match and Bronson looked to be ready to hit his Tsunami Splash when Knight would come back to distract the referee with Grimes’ hat and shoved him off the top rope. Grimes would take advantage by hitting the Cave In and picked up the win. Seems like Knight did not appreciate Bronson coming out during his promo and this will be his first program in NXT. 


Kayden Carter Interview 

Solid stuff from Kayden here as she spoke about what happened to Kacy Catanzaro last week. She is upset that Xia Li injured her best friend and she is ready for payback. She wants a match with Xia for next week so she can show her that she will not take this lying down. The match would be made official and I am expecting Xia to not hold anything back. 


Kross vs Escobar Recap 

Nice recap package here of ther Kross/Escobar match from last week. Kross and Scarlett would provide some words and spoke about how Escobar’s time was up and he had to pay. I do wonder what is next for Kross because I can’t really think of anybody that makes sense at the moment. Would like to hear if any of you have an idea as to where Kross should go from here and who his next feud should be. 


The Way Goes To Therapy Part 3 

This was the finale of the therapy session and it was just as hilarious as the rest. I love how Theory thinks everything Lumis did to him was great and how they got to know each other. Theory clearly thinks he is now friends with Lumis and the therapist would have some harsh words for him regarding that. She said she spoke to Lumis and he complained about everything he did and that is the reason why he was released. Theory could not believe this and would run out of the room. The rest of the Way would come back to see what was wrong and Johnny would tell Theory that he would give the therapist a piece of his mind. Johnny would totally not do that as he had paid the therapist to say all those things so he could have Theory get the idea of Lumis being his friend out of his mind. This was hilarious and I am expecting Lumis will have something to say about this next week. 


Ever-Rise vs Breezango 

That was the match that was supposed to happened but that was not the case. Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde of Legado del Fantasma would attack Breeze and Fandango prior to the match and take them out of the equation. Ever-Rise looked happy at what happened but quickly realized they had to leave or else the same would happen to them. They thought they got away but Santos Escobar would appear behind them and he would lay them out. Legado would enter the ring and Santos would get on the mic to say that what happened last week does not mean he is weak. He said if anybody does think that, they will end up like Breezango and Ever-Rise. I loved this and it was a good way to get some heat back on Santos after losing to Kross.  


William Regal Backstage 

We saw Regal having quite the talk with Pearce earlier in the night after what happened in the tag title match and he provided an update on it. Regal clearly was not pleased with what Pearce did and would say that he has an announcement that he will make next week. He said this will change the landscape of NXT and that must mean it has something to do with what happened in the tag title match. It makes me intrigued as to what it will be and I am sure it will be quite the announcement. 


Finn Balor vs Roderick Strong 

Strong may have poor mic skills but the same cannot be said about his ring work. The man is one of the top talents in the ring in NXT and he showed it here with Balor. Balor’s chest was all kinds of red after the match from Strong’s chops and that really has become a hallmark of his. Strong no longer has the UE colors or music and that may take some getting used to. Fun back and forth match and Strong really took it to Finn’s back with various backbreakers. Finn would fight back like the champion that he is and would end up getting the win. Strong did look good in defeat and I do hope he does not get lost in the shuffle in NXT. Adam Cole would appear after the match on the entrance ramp and would have a bit of a stare down from a distance with Balor. It was interesting that he still had on a UE hoodie but maybe he just like the way it fits on him. 


To The Moon! 

Overall, this was another really good episode of NXT with plenty to offer. The opening tag match was a lot of fun and so was the main event. I loved how Balor was blunt with Strong about how he sees him and the Balor/Cole match next week should be money. Speaking of money, Grimes was great as usual and I dug the promo from LA Knight. The Way going to therapy was amazing on every level and was totally hilarious. The Way are the best thing going in wrestling and they just work so well off each other. The Women’s Tag Title match was great even though Adam Pearce screwed Dakota and Raquel. There is clearly a bigger story being built from it and I am intrigued by what it may be. Speaking of intrigue, I am intrigued as to what Imperium is planning because it seems like they are recruiting. All in all, another great showing by NXT this week and next week should be a fun show with two title matches.