WWE Smackdown – Live Coverage And Results

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WWE Smackdown Results:

Michael Cole is in the ring and introduces Daniel Bryan. Bryan comes out and Cole asks him why Bryan gave up the opportunity to tag with Edge to take on Roman Reigns and Jey Uso at Fastlane. Bryan gives his reason for it and says that nobody even asked him if he wanted the match. Bryan then talks about how he understands why Edge and Roman didn’t ask him and says that he will not be the same old Daniel Bryan anymore. Bryan then tells Cole he will take it from here and plays a video package. Bryan mentions how he has lost in his career and talks about how you think it wouldn’t be a big deal that he lost at Elimination Chamber. He says he felt like a failure after seeing Edge spear Roman and point at the Wrestlemania sign. Bryan mentions how he scored low on the personality test and how he has overcome the test to be where he is now. Bryan talks about giving over talents a chance and that he has failed himself by putting himself on the back burner. Bryan says he deserves to be in the main event of Wrestlemania and how he has wrestled more than Edge and Roman in the last three months. Bryan knows he is the best and is ready to beat Jey Uso tonight to earn a shot at Roman Reigns at Fastlane. Bryan is then interrupted by Roman Reigns and he makes his way out with Paul Heyman and Jey Uso as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Smackdown comes back from commercial and Roman is in the ring with Heyman and Jey as he stares down Bryan. Roman tells Bryan that he looks like the same guy but he does not sound like the same man. He says it confuses him but says that Bryan is still an underdog. Roman talks about the drive he has had since he was a kid and how Bryan doesn’t love this, he needs this because he has nothing else. Roman talks about how everybody in WWE needs him and Bryan will understand things when Jey beats him tonight. Roman tells Bryan he will acknowledge him and then Jey grabs the mic from Bryan and tells him that Bryan will not beat him tonight. Jey tries to attack Bryan but Bryan is able to counter the attack.

Sami Zayn comes out and talks about the conspiracy. King Corbin then comes out and says how he is not teammates with Sami and wants a match with either Montez or Dawkins. The Street Profits are game for this but Sami is crying out conspiracy over them possibly working together.

King Corbin def. Montez Ford

Angelo Dawkins def. Sami Zayn. Zayn attacks a member of his camera crew after the match.

Reginald is walking backstage and walks up to Carmella with her wine. Carmella says she took a chance on him and he repaid her by pining over Sasha Banks. Reginald tries to explain but Carmella fires him and smacks the tray out of his hands and leaves.

Dominik Mysterio def. Chad Gable. Rey Mysterio attacks Otis after the match and he runs off with Dominik before Gable or Otis can return the attack.

Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage about the swing Cesaro gave him last week. He talks about how it felt like forever and that Cesaro did that because he is afraid to embrace the vision. Seth says that Cesaro did that to embarrass him and then Murphy appears. Murphy offers his assistance with Cesaro but Seth tells him to leave.

Bianca Belair def. Shayna Baszler. Bianca talks smack to Sasha Banks after the match outside the ring and then Sasha slaps Reginald before leaving.

Jey Uso is in Roman’s dressing room and Roman tells him what he must do tonight. He reminds him of the stakes for his match with Daniel Bryan and that if he loses, he will embarrass the family.

Cesaro def. Murphy

Reginald is walking backstage and comes across Sasha’s dressing room. Sasha yells “NO!” at him before he can say thing and he walks away. He then bumps into Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax and they start to mock him. Nia then calls him cute and Smackdown goes to commercial.

Apollo Crews comes out and has a spear in hand and has two guards with him. Apollo gets on the mic in the ring and talks about his heritage and how he is speaking how he actually speaks. He talks about growing up and how he didn’t have any true friends because they actually mocked him. Apollo continues to talk about Nigeria and how Big E tried to conquer and humble him. Apollo talks about how Big E is at home nursing his injury and that he demanding a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship. He says he will leave him a broken man and how he will beat him.

Tamina and Natalya are in Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville’s and ask why they do not have a tag title match. Pearce says the match was made and he cannot do anything about it. They try to appeal to Sonya but she can’t do anything.

Jey Uso is interviewed about his match with Daniel Bryan and talks a bit about it before he is jumped from behind by Bryan. Bryan walks off and Smackdown goes to commercial.

Bayley is backstage and she is on the set of Ding Dong, Hello! She talks about how this is a rehearsal for a segment and talks about tweets that are complimenting her. She gets to the last one and it is an insult to her. She leaves through the door and slams it.

Daniel Bryan def. Jey Uso in a cage match to earn a WWE Universal Championship match against Roman Reigns at Fastlane