Royalty of the Ring: The Road Warriors vs The New Day

After last week’s one-sided affair, we head into the last match in Group A, and it’s a real doozey! The Street Profits tried their best, but they were no match for either of The Road Warriors or The New Day, so now we find out who is making it into the final. So now I’ll leave it up to their representatives to buy your votes.


I’ve said this before, I am predominately a fan of tag team wrestling and while there are some fantastic teams now, there were a lot of great teams in the past too.  My two favorites of all times are the Steiner Brothers (before Scotty went all weird on us) and Legion of Doom/Road Warriors.

LOD were tough men with a boatload of grit and tenacity, not to mention at least a touch of attitude thrown in. They could wrestle, they could brawl, and boy could they talk.  This match shows much of their ability to wrestle and brawl, but it really showcases their tenacity.  While the end of the match was… Well not really an end, it shows what they were made up of as men, and as a tag team.  They were partners who worked with each other and were not your fly by night team that are thrown together on a whim (yes, I’m looking at you Asuka/Charlotte), and I don’t remember them wrestling singles much as they were predominately a tag team.

I picked this match because of the above, and because this was my favorite time in tag team wrestling. I also love that they included a bit of Animal at the end, his attitude, and please note, not a swear word among them.

My opponents are very good as well, almost as good as the Street Profits, who we destroyed last time.  They are worthy opponents, however they don’t personify tag team wrestling in the same way LOD does for me.  LOD are legends, and while my opponents will be legends in their own right someday, they just can’t stack up to LOD right now.

I would like to thank Conall An Diore for his assistance in finding this match and others as I was feeling under the weather.



For my selection, I’ve decided to go with The New Day defending their tag team titles against The Lucha Dragons & The Usos in a Triple Threat Ladder Match at TLC 2015 in an instant classic. Rivalling those great TLC matches with The Hardyz, Edge/Christian & The Dudleys from the peak of The Attitude Era. All six guys left it all on the line in this one, and once again The New Day proved no matter the match or who they’re in the ring against, they’ll always produce a tag team show stealing classic every time.

A few of the highlights that really stick out to me in this match are Kofi drop kicking a ladder into Jey Uso, who was sitting in the corner, Big E executing an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex into the ladder on Jimmy Uso, Jimmy Uso performing a Running Hip Attack into a ladder which Jey held against Kingston, Kalisto performing a Salida Del Sol on Jey through a ladder bridged between another ladder and the ring ropes. Finally, Xavier distracting Kalisto by throwing his trademark trombone at him, which allowed Kofi to sneak up the ladder to retrieve the tag belts, thus successfully defending their belts in arguably the greatest tag team triple threat match in the past decade.

This match was nothing short of amazing and has set a bar for ladder matches for years to come that won’t be topped for a very long time because… NEW DAY ROCKS, NEW DAY ROCKS!


You’re votes have never been more important, one of these teams is heading to the finals and it’s all up to you to make the right choice. Please vote based on what you’ve read and seen here. Let’s make this a fair tournament! (Poll ends Friday March 12th, at 8pm ET).

The Road Warriors vs The New Day

  • The New Day (69%, 20 Votes)
  • The Road Warriors (31%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 29

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