Lowest Ambition Score I’ve Ever Seen!

Going into SD this week I’m not exactly sure what I’m feeling about it.  There’s so much going on in the wrestling industry right now that it feels like I don’t know which end is up day to day.  Luckily we cal almost always bank on SD being a great show, and it didn’t disappoint.



Roll Out The Grit

I know a lot of people don’t like Cole.  I get it, he had some rough times in WWE, especially early on with those frosted time, and when he was heel and bugging Bry.  Things like the Anonymous GM didn’t help him either.  Honestly, for most people, Cole was horrible until the night King went down on announce.  Cole handled it more beautifully than I could have thought possible.  He’s really grown up in front of our eyes, and become one of the all-time greats on announce, and I’m thrilled to state that I’m a Cole Miner!

It was kind of cute seeing Cole introduce Bry to the ring the way he did.  You could tell from his eyes, those crows feet, the crinkle, just how much he really does like Bry.  Cole has lasted longer in the WWE than I thought possible and has come full circle with Bry.  Then there’s Bry who I have loved since his American Dragon days.  Now, it’s hard for me to capitalize Dragon for anyone but my dear aging service dog, but for Bry, anytime.  He more than earns it.

Only when he was a heel and it wasn’t working did I not love Bry on the mic.  He wasn’t a personality guy in ROH, but WWE changed that.  This promo had Bry stumbling over his words at times, but it helped it feel more real, gave us the grit that we don’t get enough of these days.  It’s getting better and better on this Road to WM.


I Love This Too

Reigns, we all love this, or we wouldn’t be involved in it the way we are.  Simply watching shows our love for what you do, so Bry’s not alone in this, and neither are you!  I get that Reigns had to go out there and talk smack at Bry, and Jey had to attack Bry, but they need to change things up the tiniest bit.  This just didn’t feel as strong as I’d hoped it would, or as strong as Reigns and Jey have been in the past.


Slowly Spiralling Down…

King Corbin has really been quiet and out of the loop for a bit.  He’s been in matches, but he’s not really had a feud or storyline at all lately.  The only thing he’s done is fill in here and there and argue with Zayn, because it’s obviously the thing to do on SD these days.  I wasn’t surprised that Corbin defeated Ford here, nor was I surprised that Zayn got in Dawkins’ face while continuing to argue with Corbin.

Then there’s the fact that Dawkins gave us a solid match, but it was Zayn who lost his mind.  Dawkin, as always, looked great.  Zayn, on the other hand, completely lost it after the match.  I’m wondering how far they’re going to let Zayn go before they call in Dr. Shelby, or the woman from NXT this past Weds.


Poor Reg!

Love Carmella’s outfit!  She has the body to make it work, but more than that, it’s made perfectly for her body.  I don’t know if Sasha’s husband made it, but it looks like his type of work.  He knows how to make women look great, and I’m starting to learn his aesthetic.

We all knew Carmella wasn’t going to put up with Reginald’s antics over Sasha for long.  Firing him just fees him up to swoon over Sasha that much more, because unlike most people who are fired, I don’t see him being escorted out by security for not doing what Carmella wants him to do.  I can’t wait to see what he does next.


The Kids Work The Ring

Sorry about the title, but Stacy said, “Is this the match for people who look like little kids?”  I laughed aloud, and rather than sharing in the DD, I thought I’d share here.  Chad is small and will always be seen as little compared to most he’s in the ring with.  Dom is young and his face screams that he’s not old enough to vote, even though we know he is.  It wasn’t anything special, but it moved the story along a bit.


Mitch Is BACK!

Wow, that jacket on Rollins!  Not quite red, not actually pink, but truly perfect against his skin tone!  I’m sometimes in awe when men wear unusual colors that look beautiful on them.  Rollins has been rocking a look lately, and it’s a look not many can carry.  I’ve been getting more and more excited for Friday nights to see what Rollins is going to be wearing.  I’m thrilled that the days of basic black trunks, other than guys like Thatcher who it’s part of his overall look to be simple without all the pizzazz, because designing for wrestlers was what sent me to design school.  I’m hoping that some young girl will see the great ring gear and decide to do what I wanted to, but that Austin’s black trunks and my health kept me from doing.  I love that the great gear and looks are a thing that more and more in the industry are again embracing.

We’ve seen the ginger, but what’s the plan?


Those Lips!

They’re the WWE Tag Team Champs, yet in a singles match?  Anyway, the way Bianca uses the ring is interesting and I need to watch her more for this.  Shayna kicks Bianca’s arm and Bianca ends up flipping and flopping her way from one corner across the ring to the opposite corner as she sold the pain in her arm.  Too many women, especially the smaller women, don’t always use the entire ring the way the men do.

As expected, Reginald caused problems outside the ring, but I’m glad he didn’t screw up Bianca’s match.  Bianca struggled a bit to get Shayna onto her shoulders, but nothing terrible, and made it look more real.  I also loved Bianca telling Sasha to get rid of Reginald, and then Sasha does just that.  I can’t wait to see what he does from here.  Costing Sasha her belt at WM?  So much storytelling in one little match.


Cesaro Section…

Which was all Rollins.  I loved it!  Rollins added so much to this match, possibly more than Murphy did.  Murphy needs to find his personality again.  He had it once, but not in this match.  This was all Cesaro and Rollins, which is never good for a wrestler.  Sorry Mitch!


He’s Kinda Cute

I really thought she was going to say something about him being compact.  What was better than what Nia said, or how Reginald reacted, was Shayna’s face.  The look she gave Nia almost made my laptop drop off my knees.  Shayna MADE that segment for me, and most of this grade is for her.


Uhaa Nation Is Here!

Botch has said, more times than I can count, just how great Apollo was as Uhaa Nation in the indies.  Looking at his wiki page, I saw that he was dubbed Uhaa Nation in high school by a coach in the weight room, saying that Uhaa (his given last name) was, “as strong as a single nation.”  This promo was leaps and bounds ahead of anything we’ve seen from him, and what Botch has told us for years he could be.  All that being said, the ‘spear’ he was carrying should never have been seen that close on HDTV!  It was a total mess, and I know that Conall (dear medieval friend) will message me early tomorrow asking what the heck was that mess he was carrying?  All I know is that it would never land solidly in a cookie (slice of tree) if thrown, even by some of the best throwers in the Known World.


That Was Random

What was up with Bayley coming out, reading some tweets, getting upset, and leaving.  That was very Karen taking her ball and going home.  I’m sure they were trying to do that, but it didn’t work very well for me.


Cage Or Penitentiary?

Going into this match I didn’t care how, I just wanted Bry to win this.  I want Bry versus Edge at WM more than I’d care to see Reigns face anyone else.  Not disliking Reigns, I just think Bry versus Edge at WM for the strap could steal the night.  Their paths have been so similar in how they both had to retire and both were able to come back in such unexpected ways.  It was a beautiful thing to see them both return.  I cried when both left, and both came back, it seems to me that the ultimate match is Bry versus Edge in the WM main event.

Rope breaks don’t matter in a cage match, and I love it!  That was so much fun, and not the normal way one wins a cage match.  Perfect ending to the night, though I’m sure Jey is in for a beating.


Shut Up Corey, I’m Yelling Here!

I honestly don’t have anything more to say about this show.  It was mostly solid, pushed storylines forward, pushed characters forward, and feuds forward.  I don’t think we could ask for more, especially on the Road to WM.