Royalty of the Ring: DIY vs Brothers of Destruction

With the New Day smashing their way into the final, we now have to find our winners of Group B; however it’s not that simple. If DIY win this week they’ll be facing New Day to for the crown, but if the Brothers of Destruction come up trumps, then the Briscoe Brothers return to face both teams in a triple threat match to determine the finalists. Confusing? Of course it is, so let’s keep it simple. Let’s see what the two teams have to offer to buy your vote.



Back for another match here in the ROTR and this time the DIY match I will go with is amazing on different levels. For one, it is the first-ever tag team ladder match in NXT history and it was the main event of TakeOver: Chicago in 2017. The match itself is awesome as DIY was attempting to regain the tag titles from a very dominant Authors of Pain, who were accompanied by Paul Ellering at the time. This match was just awesome on every level as both teams brought it and that is saying something considering the size of AOP, and you wouldn’t really expect that from them in a match that is usually a showcase for men of the size of Ciampa and Gargano.  


It was a great back and forth match and it featured a great spot in which each member of AOP were laid across their own ladder and both Ciampa and Gargano dove onto them from a ladder that was set-up between both members of AOP on the outside. This really help set the stage for any tag team ladder match that was going to happen in the future in NXT and while DIY came up short, the best was yet to come. We all know what happened after the match as Ciampa had one of the greatest heel turns in recent memory when he attacked Gargano after the match and would kickstart an awesome feud that would help define feuds in NXT in the years to come.


It is clear why you should pick this match as it had everything you want in a tag team ladder match; spots, storytelling and everything in between. The Brothers of Destruction had a good run but they did not have the run, nor the epic ending that DIY had. DIY is the pick here because they delivered no matter who the opponents were and no matter what type of match it was either.



There are so many great teams in wrestling and in this competition.  Ranging through the decades of pro wrestling greatness there have been teams that captivate us, annoy us, or move pro wrestling into a whole new direction.  For me, the introduction of Kane, and then him joining his brother, forming what is the only real tag team Taker’s had and continued to return to, as all partners, and brothers should.

Undertaker and Kane are a truly a dominant team who could, and have, taken out absolutely everyone they’ve faced, and anyone they could have been faced with.  Not only were they two big men in the industry, both of them could move like men much smaller, flew off the top corner and ropes, as well as beat people to a pulp.  They were big, intimidating, and two of the all-time greatest.

Now I will give DIY their props, they were a great little team and worked well together, but they were really only a team for a short while.  Taker and Kane did split at times, and feud at times, but they always came back together and when they did, they were dominant in a way DIY could never be.  There is no question which team deserves to win this one, it’s the Brothers of Destruction!


So will you be sending DIY to the finals or will B.O.D. get a second chance? As always, it’s in your hands. Please vote based on what you’ve read and seen here. Let’s make this a fair tournament! (Poll ends Friday March 19th, at 8pm ET).

DIY vs Brothers of Destruction

  • DIY (54%, 13 Votes)
  • Brothers of Destruction (46%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 24

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