Spin Doctors – Smackdown Review

I have to apologize, I thought I posted this right after SD.  I know it’s late, but I thought I’d share.


Going Into Business For Himself

Edge on mic has already made my night.  He looked great, sounded great, and brought all the wonderful to this segment.  Then Bry came out and made this segment into something Austin and Rocky would be proud of.  They were fantastic, and one of those segments I say you have to see to swoon.


Botch Much?

I really thought this was going to be a short one after the attack on the ramp, but they really gave them solid time for this match and it was mostly amazing.  There were a few issues, other than the fact that Ziggy’s pants are so badly made that they’re barely staying on his bum.  The biggest issue I had was Rey’s ring work.  He botched a couple times, and they were obvious.  Once he almost fell on his own face from way up high.  Rey was the worst in this match, and while Dom is young, and had a few tiny issues in this match, but nothing compared to his father.  Sadly this great tag match wasn’t as good as it could have been because of Rey Mysterio.


Um, Nope

Jey and Heyman just didn’t really work for me.  Jey just didn’t work here for me.



Rollins had been rocking the very stylish suits, then he comes out looking like a dad trying to be hip, and failing miserably.  He was great on mic, but that look of his wasn’t working for me.


They Are Going There!

After all the sexualization of women in the AE, it’s nice to see the table flipped.  Nia is being so sleazy, and I’m loving it.  Nia looking dreamy made her look a bit older than she is, but it was still funny.  The whole thing was great, but it was Shayna who made the segment into a whole other level of fun.

I have to say that sitting here chatting through SD with Natalie, we were talking about how all his suits in this segment were of that strange too-short, but also baggy in the crotch look that’s in style, but not my favorite look of right now.  I normally am annoyed by Corey, but when he said, “Is it possible to buy clothes you don’t already have?” I snorted loudly.


Look, It’s Mitch!

I knew when Rollins came out that he’d cost the match for Cesaro


Off His Rocker

Zayn going off the rails the way he is, well, it’s only getting better by the week.  From the guy under the hood to this?  I’m constantly in awe of Zayn and how much he’s grown since ROH.  I love her


You Don’t Know Me

Edge and Jey was fantastic!  Edge was on point and said all the right things, but Jey said exactly what you’d expect from him now.  Things will change.


Cena & HBK

KO stirred the pot and the fangs came out.  I don’t like how easily it was to turn these two against each other.  They went catty over almost nothing.  As a woman, that bothers me.  This segment screams McMahon and how clueless he is about women and how we truly interact.  It was rather disgusting to me how easily it worked and how quickly they turned on each other.  There’s ego which is good, but this was cattiness.


Red Hot!

Tamina finally shows some style!  I love seeing her like this.  She looks like part of a team and rocked the black and red up to her hair.  I have to wonder how comfortable she is in it, but she looked amazing.  I have to say Nattie’s ring work was not great, she looked slow and really couldn’t keep up with Bianca in the ring, but dang her ring gear looked amazing on her body.  Possibly the best she’s physically looked in a long time, but her ring work was a travesty here.  Nattie just cannot keep up with the rest of the women these days.  Tamina looked better working the ring than Nattie did.

I loved the story they told in this match, continuing the issues with Reginald, even though I hate the catty direction they’re going with Sasha and Bianca.



Yup, Sasha and Bianca are no longer friends and while they were really good in this segment, I have serious issue with how it came about, and that they were fine with each other and now acting like catty high schoolers in the worst possible way.



Oh, Big E has come back as a very different man, and I’m loving it.  I haven’t seen enough of him in NXT, but compared to everything else we have seen from him, this is intense.  I knew he had it in him to get serious to get to the top, even though he really shouldn’t have to be serious, because so many other champs weren’t serious.  Anyway, he killed this segment in a way we’ve never seen, and I’m sure he’s going to continue.

I actually liked the thought of Corbin facing Big E here, and he looked great in his suit and new crown.  I get why they did what they did, but Corbin really needs a direction.


Manic Zayn-y

Sami sold this match as good, if not better than ever.  He totally made this match.  Not saying Big E didn’t, just that Zayn has been so over the top that everything he does right now draws your eye to him.  Further, this went exactly as expected with Big E dominating and Apollo attacking after it was over.  It moved the storyline forward without having Big E and Apollo facing off in an actual match.


Three’s A Crowd

I have to wonder if Reginald is going to turn on Nia at Fastlane.  Seems too early for him to turn on his sugar mama, but you never know.  Reginald has been a star since he first debuted, and has grown by leaps and bounds already, so no matter what happens, he will be around for a long time, and hopefully working the ring with the men at some point.


Oops Bry Did It Again

Bry and Reigns are both solid on mic, and while I know Bry is great on mic, seeing him in two fantastic mic segments in two hours blows me away.   Reigns was great on mic, but the true beauty that he gave this segment was his facial expressions.  From the smirking arrogance when he told Bry that he wasn’t worth Reigns’ time, not good enough for Reigns to face, to Bry stating he did what Reigns couldn’t do – make Jey quit – with the anger and fury that caused Reigns to do exactly what he said he wouldn’t, and what Bry wanted him to do – sign the contract.  It was brilliant on all levels.


Shut Up Corey, I’m Talking Here!

I’m not sure I’ve ever given two segments five crowns ever.  Possibly for a PPV, but not for any of the weekly shows.  Edge is a fantastic talker, and Bry grew into a fantastic talker through his years in WWE.  Then there’s Reigns who has grown by leaps and bounds under Heyman’s tutelage.  I finally feel as though WWE is developing talkers for the first time in MANY years.

I always catch crap when I talk about the Attitude Era, because it really was horrible in a lot of ways, but there was something in that era that we’ve not seen since, and that’s talkers who could carry a show without taking a bump.  Yes, we watch these shows for wrestling, but when there are great talking segments that evolve some of the best catchphrases, feuds, and storylines, the wrestling always feels that much better.  I don’t want all the ick of the AE back, but I do want some amazing talkers, as they have honestly been few and far between for way too long.