The Irritating Force Meets The Unlikeable Object – SD Review

After a long day, being cold outside and so wonderfully warm in the house, I feel like I could be ready for a nap.  I love wrestling, but I have that wonderful squishy nap feeling.  Or, I did have that squishy nap feeling until I remembered that Edge was facing off against Jey and I’m all in.  I’m so excited to see Edge in the ring with Jey Uso.  I know there was some crossover during Edge’s original run, and I thought they’d been in the ring together, but I can’t seem to find anything.  That makes me that much more excited for this match.  Rikishi was right in the Tag Division when Edge was, so seeing him in the ring with Rikishi’s son will be so much fun.

Okay, David Jr. told me that they were in the same ring once before.  There was a Raw vs Smackdown Battle Royal on October 18, 2010 Raw.  Jey was on Raw, Edge on SD.  So, to steal Botch’s phrase, “This match will be delicious!”


Not Possible

The angst between Bianca and Sasha, all over a bit of cattiness, still really bothers me.

Then onto the actual match they were arguing about.  I have trouble believing someone the size of Sasha can take out a woman will more than twice her size.  I get that there’s more to wrestling than size, but I didn’t believe Rey could beat Big Show clean, and I can’t believe Sasha can beat Nia clean.  I know this is scripted, and people get involved and everything else that happens, but I just cannot suspend my disbelief enough to believe Sasha can do it on her own.  Because of that, this isn’t one of those great women’s matches that make us all drool.  It pushed the relationships between the two teams, but that’s all it did.

As I figured, there was involvement to keep Sasha strapped for Bianca to face her at WM.  I will say that growing issues between Shayna and Nia could be a blast, though I still want to see Asuka vs Shayna at WM.


Edge On SD

It really does feel right for Edge to be on SD.  Okay, I’m biased as I write about SD, but I adore the man and I know he doesn’t have a lot of years left in the tank.  He was solid here on mic, but nothing compared to what he gave us last week.


Rollins’ Snazzy Suit

Last week Rollins looked like a Dad in the 70s, at least here he’s rocking a modern look.  Maybe nothing Tyler Black would have worn, but now he’s rocking an epic suit.  I must have been typing last week as I missed Jamie Noble catching Rollins in mid-air last week to keep Rollins from curb-stomping Cesaro’s head in a folding chair.

When the camera zoomed in on Rollins’ face, I really thought Cesaro, or Naka, would be there, behind Rollins, ready for the attack.  I didn’t expect Naka to be announced by his music.  The ‘Shut up’ from Naka was great, followed by his almost crotch-chop-esque move that incensed Rollins into being taken down to the mat.  It was simple and beautiful.


Filthy Animals!

I love watching Dom and Rey work the ring together.  Luckily Rey didn’t botch the way he did last week, and while short, this was a great little match.  Rey really seems to love being in the ring with his son, and Dom beams whenever he’s in there.  He’s such a babyface that I think it will take a while for him to get past being all smiles in the ring because there’s no way he could be heel as he is now.

That Ziggy mentioned Filthy Aminals brought a smile to my face, but I want more of Roode talking, carrying on mic as we know he can.  As they went into the second tag match, I was hoping for more Roode, but nope.

The thoughts of Rey in his prime facing Gable makes me smile, though it’s not possible.  Gables technical work with Rey’s high flying would have been an epic match,  That being said, I mentioned Rey not beating Big Show clean due to size, Otis almost made me question it as well.  Then, seeing Otis fly as far as he did, it was over.

We heading for a Fatal Four Way for the SD Tag Team Championships?


I Thought They Were Done!

Last week I was under the impression that they’d wrapped up Sami’s docu last week.  KO talking to Sami the way he did was interesting.  Always fun to crash reality in on a conspiracy theorist while they’re in the middle of a rant.


I’d Rather Die!


When Bry is riled up like this, I can’t help but smile.  Reigns is killing it more and more on mic, but dang, Bry is that much better here.  Again, Reigns’ facial expressions made this something that needs to be seen.  It took a while, but he’s made it.  From here, I think Reigns can do anything.  I think this is what McMahon thought he was getting when he signed Joe.


Most Unwanted Match

Poor KO is between a rock and a hard place with his former bestie here.  Sadly we didn’t get the great match I knew we could get from Zayn and Corbin, because of the storyline.  I really don’t want to see Zayn vs KO yet again.  Yes, they can go and this is a very different Zayn from the one KO carried at times, but we have still seen this too many times.  It doesn’t feel like Cena/Orton, but it’s getting there.  I’m a massive fan of both, and have been since Kevin Steen and El Generico were killing it in ROH, but WWE has beaten this to beyond death.  Thanks McMahon for not having anything for KO at WM.  I blame you!


Backstage Speedbumps!

And I don’t mean my friend Chris who goes by Speedbump medievally.  I was so shocked to see a massive speedbump backstage when Big E was in the golf cart.

Their mic work was great between them, though Big E’s heavy breathing and gasping was a bit much.  Actually, it was stranger Big E than ever.  Rather odd, but the whole segment worked pretty well.

So much crankiness on Twitter about Apollo’s accent.  People are acting as if he wasn’t Uhaa Nation in the indies with this character.  People are acting as if this is McMahon’s racism rearing its ugly head again.  Now, I can’t say how racist McMahon is, though his friends made a presidency out of being racist, brother.  Sorry, no more politics, other than to say that making Titus O’Neil cohost WM with Hogan disgusts me.


So Much For Teams!

Shayna and Bianca are so much more evenly matched than Sasha and Nia were to start SD.  Then the even fight was over thanks to Nattie?  Even better, Nattie’s muffin top!  I’m not calling her out for her weight, I’m calling her out for wearing clothes that don’t fit her properly.  Tamina, on the other hand, looked great in there.  I hope she stays healthy through this.


Busting Out The Hurricanrana!

Feels strange to see Edge in ring gear.  I know he’s been in matches since he returned, but seeing him in the ring on SD is rather surreal to me.  Other than a bit of loose skin over his abs, Edge’s body hasn’t really aged much.  It’s really odd to watch this match.  Jey has been great from the start, but he couldn’t have worked this match with Edge back before Edge had to retire, because he just wasn’t ready then.  This was so much greatness, and I’m sure Jey was giddy being in the ring with such a legend.  Fingers crossed that Bry wins on Sunday so he goes on to face Edge at WM.  Personally I think it’s the best match they could offer us, and I think Edge is going to make sure it happens – either on purpose or not.  I’m excited for at least that match at Fastlane!


Shut Up Corey, I’m Talking!

Last week I gave out two 5 Crown grades.  I have never done that on a simple Raw or SD, not even on the Road to WM.  I didn’t expect to have even more of those segments this week as last week was an anomaly, but since we had them, I want more.  I get that passions were high last week, but I see no reason why we can’t have 5 Crown segments on SD every week, especially with the top of the SD roster right now.  Great talkers and great wrestlers, they just need to be written and booked well, and I don’t know as we will see much of that until McMahon isn’t second-guessing every little thing that the creative team does these days.  He’s still a fantastic businessman, but his creative side just isn’t up to par, but he won’t let it go until he’s forced to.  That means we won’t be getting a lot of 5 Crown work on Raw or SD until things change backstage in a drastic way.