No Potential To Fall Back On – SD Review

Another fantastic episode of SD, but that’s pretty much expected this close to WrestleMania, and with the great feuds that have been built going into the grandest stage of them all.  Each week is better than the previous, and I hope that continues after WM is said and done.  Only time will tell, but I’m keeping my hopes up.


Visiting The Salon

I’m still not sure how I feel about Bry being added to the Universal Championship Match at WM.  Luckily, I have time before I need to predict that match.  Though I will say that starting SD with Edge on mic is something I never thought we’d see on a regular basis ever again.  His mic work is leaps and bounds above most of the WWE roster and, unless he’s on mic or we are talking about it, I don’t think of him as a top talker, I think of him as one of the best wrestlers.

Not really thrilled about him dying his hair and beard darker.  I get wanting to get rid of the grey for TV, but this is too dark for him.  That being said, it takes at least ten years off his face, easy.


Please, No More!

I love seeing Rey and Dom, but more and more it seems as though Rey is off his mark.  It’s great that Dom has his father by his side as he gets used to being in the WWE ring, but, in reality, Dom won’t truly get what it’s like to be a WWE superstar until he’s out there in front of thousands of fans night in and night out traveling with the boys, working more nights than he’s home.

I’m so sick of seeing Ziggler’s panties hanging out of the back of his tights.  I know I say this weekly, but Ziggler’s tights are so horrible, and they take away from the work he does in the ring.  He’s so much better than he looks in the ring lately.  Beyond that, this match did pretty much nothing for me.  It’s the same eight guys doing the same things in the ring with the same people.  SD needs to shake up their Tag Division in a massive way.


Old Blue Eyes

I love the growing issues between Pearce and Deville.  If she’s not going to be in the ring, it’s great too see her not bending to Pearce’s ideas.  Pearce’s facial expressions reacting to her are not as great as Shayna’s are at Nia and Reginald, but they are getting closer!


Swiss Swing

Cesaro is so out of his league in the ring with snazzy dressers like Rollins and Graves.  He came across as rather blah here, even though I know he’s so much more.  He just didn’t show the personality we have seen from him before.


Just Over One Week To Build

I truly thought this was going to be a total cluster, then they (finally) built toward the Tag Team Championship match at WM.  I think we all figured most of the teams would be involved, even though they hadn’t gone there yet.  Bringing the teams from Raw was smart, and seeing all of them in the ring reminded me of how many talented women there are in WWE, and that Natalya needs to be training, not working the ring.  I will admit that a few bits with Mandy and Dana looked a bit off, but they’re used in the ring so infrequently that they’re never going to look great until they’re given the time to do so.  Same for Riott Squad who looked a bit off here too.

Tamina kicked Naomi right under the tatas, but Naomi held her head, like the great seller she is.


Finally, Mella Might Be Money Again!

I love how she reacted to Billie Kay, as most do these days, but then it clicked that she needed a partner for WM.  This is what we had discussed in the DDs and backstage, so I’m not surprised, but I am thrilled that BK might get her WM moment this year.  She’s not been on SD enough lately – something I NEVER thought I’d say.


On Commentary!

Still don’t like how dark his hair and beard are, and Stacy agrees with me.  That being said, I love how he’s telling Pearce and Deville that he’s going to be out on announce, not asking.  That’s the Rated R Superstar!


Those Lips!

I love that Bianca is so great on mic, but doesn’t try to put on airs.  She has so much soul and it oozes from her in all she does and I love her that much more for it.  She is who she is and doesn’t make any apologies and doesn’t have to.


All That Glitters!

I feel as though I’ve not seen that much glitter in the ring since Kwee Wee in WCW!  It was almost hard to watch that much glitter between the two of them until Bianca removed her jacket.  It was nice to see Mella back in the ring.  It feels like it’s been forever since she’d been in there.  She looked solid, though took Bianca’s finisher terribly.

Sasha looked great in that bodysuit!  WOW!  I love how Bianca wanted nothing to do with Sasha, telling her to wait for WM, as it should be.


Respect King’s Authoritah!

Yes, I had to look up to see how South Park spelled it.  Either way, I agree that King Corbin hasn’t been handled well lately and deserves more.


Still Not Sure

This segment didn’t do anything for me.  Yes, the added stipulation for his WM match with Big E is interesting, but he didn’t have the charisma he’s had of late.  Noble Natalie actually said it was a great segment to be watched on mute, and I have to agree.  I wouldn’t have if his horrible spear thing had been visible, but it wasn’t, so mute was enough to make it watchable.


So Much Greatness!

While Edge was never part of the original ECW, he was around for the Invasion, ECW One Night Stand, and WWECW.  Heyman has been GM in WWE in the past.  That means Heyman and Edge have had mic time together in the past, but that’s when there were a lot of great talkers around.  These days most of the talkers just are not up to Edge and Heyman’s level of mic skills, so these two in any segments make any show that much better, but together in a segment is enough to make me swoon.


Expected Attacks!

I don’t think anyone expected SD to end without chairs flying and top superstars taking swings at each other.  Edge, as always, was great on announce.  Reigns, as expected, came out to the stage with Heyman to watch the match from the stage.  It was obvious where things were going with this main event, but it didn’t make it any less enjoyable.  Further, each time they do these things, someone different is left standing tall, leaving all of us wondering who will be the winner at WM


Shut Up Corey, I’m Talking Here!

I will fully admit I’m biased in thinking SD is better than Raw.  When I was writing Raw reviews on a weekly basis I thought Raw was the better show, but that’s back when Raw was two hours and a much better show.  I will fully admit that the return of Deville and Bry, and the additions of Belair, Pearce, Heyman, and Edge has put SD way over the top of Raw, and is the only reason I don’t want my medieval life to return, as I will miss SD live more often than I’d like.  Until then I’m going to continue enjoying every moment of SD.