We Are So Close! – Smackdown Review

Other than the insanely tight schedule, this has been a fantastic week, and SD didn’t disappoint.  They did a solid job coming off two fantastic nights of NXT TakeOver and standing tall on their own.  That’s something WWE doesn’t do very well or hadn’t in the past.  Nice SD, and hopefully a great weekend to follow.


Hear The Roar!

Bry was on from the moment he stepped from Gorilla.  I know he usually is, but because of the day it is, he seems even more hyped, and I don’t blame him.  He took this segment and ran with it in a way that we never thought we’d see when he was ‘fired’ due to what he did in the first attack by Nexus.  Most of us didn’t think he could give promos like this, but he’s one of the very few wrestlers who have taken one word and made it his catchphrase.  I’m sure I’ll miss some, but there’s Flair, Hacksaw, and Austin.  The thing is that Bry did it twice, and with two of the most common words used on a daily basis.  I really thought that someone, specifically Edge, would attack Bry.  I’m glad he didn’t because that was great.  Well, other than Bry’s makeup around his eyes settling into his fine lines and making him look ten years older than he is.


Argh, No!

It’s really sad that in all my prediction writing and compiling, I’d not even noticed that there wasn’t a SD Tag Team Championship Match scheduled for WM.  Then I watched this match and was reminded why they’re not scheduled for WM.  All of the superstars in this match are great, but not together.  Roode needs to break away from Ziggy, and I still am not buying Alpha Academy.  I think I’d rather see Gable tag with Devlin and see what amazing work they could do together.  Also, Rey continues to be the weak link in these matches, so it’s becoming time for Dom to be allowed to shine on his own, with maybe Rey as his valet?

All the same work we see from these four teams each week and I’m very over it.


This Is Big E!

This is why I love Big E.  He’s still quirky and funny, but he is a bit more serious and absolutely focused on making it to the top of the roster.  There is no question in my mind that he will be WWE or Uni Champion before Pennsic 50 (August 2023).  It might sound far away, but he’s in it for the long haul, and I love a great build with tons of anticipation.  Also, I said before Pennsic 50, so it could happen before Pennsic 49 next summer.  We don’t know, other than to say that if he stays healthy, he will do it before then.


Nia’s Cousin!

I didn’t know what to expect from this match, but that wasn’t it.  It was great to see Tamina toss her cousin around the way she did.  Not that she didn’t get tossed around too, but I have to say that Tamina has been looking better and better, and I’m excited to get to write about her yet again on WM 37 night 1.  I only wish she wasn’t tagging with Natalya.  I do want to say that this wasn’t a clean match by any stretch, but I enjoyed the physicality and the story that was told.


Throwing Shade And Blows

Ruby and Liv were so sweet here, but Mella is right, they are a bit sticky-sweet there.  Well, they were until the fighting broke out, as to be expected.  They’ve had a better build than some of the bigger matches!


Character Change?

Seth’s political commercial was great.  It’s been long enough that it didn’t make me twitch, but I have to wonder what the plan for him might be going forward.  I really have found him slightly off since he returned.  I hope things getting better because that commercial was great.


Not A Greatest Hits Tour!

Edge, as always, was downright amazing here on mic.  Not sure about the white leather jacket when you have kids, but no one in my house is allowed to wear white, unless it’s a cheap white t-shirt that can, and will, end up dyed or as a painting shirt.  I’m allowed to have white as I’m a meticulous eater, but I don’t because no one else is allowed.

Between Samoan Edge and ten years after he had to retire.  I love his mic work, especially since I really didn’t think of him as much of a talker until he and Christian started with their poses.  He really is one of the best superstars to ever lace their boots.  He’s had some major lows, more than most, but here he is stealing SD, yet again.


Conspiracy Theories!

Sami Zayn might not have his corner dweller at WM?  I bet Logan Paul will be there, but it won’t be as much fun as that segment and the follow-up on announce when Sami didn’t seem to expect the question about breakfast.  So much fun!


Poor Andre!

I thought they were not going to have the ATGBR this year to keep the chance of passing around Covid low.  I know they’re doing enough daft things in the WWE, specifically holding a super spreader WM37.  I guess it’s better than in front of live fans as well, but I don’t think this is smart.  They were lucky that nothing happened from the Rumble.

Why are they still Mace and T-Bar?  They need to lose those names and get back to something not so ridiculous.  I will say that the storytelling with Ali was really great to see, even though it’s silly to do so now.  Same with LHP not getting along because of Kalisto.

I honestly had hopes, when it got down to the final four, that Corbin would win it again, but it does make sense for Jey to win it after the year he’s had.  I really never thought we’d see one twin without the other, but it’s worked out quite well over this past year.  It also might have Jimmy something to strive for when he returns.


Reigns End

We all knew that Reigns would be out to round out the talking by the WM37 night 2 main event, but he also took the celebration away from Jey in the process, exactly as he keeps doing.  Reigns was so much better here than I thought he could be even a year ago.  That being said, he still isn’t as great as Bry and Edge were earlier in the night.  That being said, they all did a great job of setting up for their main event on Sunday night, and I can’t wait to see what happens!


Shut Up Graves, I’m Talking Here!

Solid go home to WM.  How much more can I say about things at this point in time?  All Questions will be answered this weekend, with a whole slew of new ones being asked.  This is why it’s my favorite time of the year!  I’ll see you in the WM37 Dignified Discussion!