We Only Wear Gold In This House! – SD Review

I have to admit that it’s been so long since WM and there have been so many shows since then that I forgot that this is the first SD since WM.  I’m finally rested up from the work and excitement of it all, and excited to see what this post-WM SD gives us.  I’m also interested in seeing what Pat McAfee and Michael Cole give us on announce!  I really want more of McAfee (notice I’m calling him by his last name, meaning he’s earned my respect) in the ring, but I believe that will come about when Adam Cole comes to SD and I’ll have to use his first name.  Please know that even when I’m forced to write about Michael and Adam, they both still have the utmost respect from me.



Mr. Not Impressed

I’d not noticed how geometric the lines of Reigns’ tattoo are under his arm.  He wore that flak jacket for so long and then got so much more ink while he was away (my docs won’t let me get any tattoos with the meds I’m on, so he had to have come through his leukemia treatments with flying colors to get so much ink), and I’d not seen him hold his strap up like that, so I’d not seen the beauty of his armpit.  I feel so strange saying that, but I appreciate his traditional ink.

The more he continues in this version of his character, the better he becomes on mic.  I’m still in awe that this is the same guy who couldn’t say more than, ‘Believe THAT!’ without sounding like a cardboard cutout.  He’s grown so much and we have Heyman to thank for that.


Very Tall Man

I love Cesaro and have been in his corner since after he got rid of what’s-her-name who dropped her knee into Naomi’s eye and broke her face.  Yes, I mean Aksana.  I’ve been in his corner since he went under his given name, Claudio Castagnoli in ROH.  I hope it’s finally his time to shine because he’s worked so hard for so many years, getting the Ziggler-pull whenever he was getting some momentum.  I hope he doesn’t get squashed by Reigns, because he deserves so much more than that.


High School Soph!

Sorry, I can’t take Dom seriously when he looks like a high school student.  He looks so young here!  I get that he’s trying to look bigger than he is, but he looks like a little kid.  The shirt makes him look even younger than he is, and the color didn’t help at all!

I’m rather shocked that they went with this match as Rey has been struggling with the botches lately.  His ring work hasn’t been up to snuff, though it’s not like Otis is a little guy who is easily hurt.  Which goes into my next issue, it’s hard to believe matches like this, especially the ending.  Crucifix pin on Otis?  I don’t believe it.  Further, I don’t see any way I could suspend my disbelief to ever think it’s plausible at this point in Rey’s life.  Otis is a very strong man and Rey just hasn’t been up to par lately.  Not a good match for SD, ever.


WM Rematch, Why?

I’m so over PPV rematches!  I see no reason to have the same people in a match right after they faced off in what was supposed to be a very special match.  They had their WM moment together after being friends for so many years and being told they’d never make it to WWE.  It was a beautiful thing that was only sullied by Logan Paul, but I get why he was used as he was.

This match was solid and really hard-hitting, but so was their WM moment.  They need to blow this feud off at Backlash.


Family Love

Not only the love from husband to wife, but the way Bianca talked to the little girls who look like her, are why she’s going to be a top WWE star for years to come.  She went out there and said all the right things, but from her, I believe them.  She’s all girl power and pushing people to be their best, including herself.  This is one of those promos that felt like they were more the girl behind the character than the character herself, and it was lovely in all its sassiness.  If you didn’t get to see this, go watch it now, it’s more than worth it.


Backstage Buddies

Sasha seething was fantastic!  She handled it really well.

Then there’s Bayley who followed her up and killed it with her words and attitude.  I’m still in awe that Bayley is such a great heel.  I truly didn’t think she had this in her, and I can’t wait to see what else she’s going to do, where her character will evolve next.


Bianca Wannabe!

I hate that I’m always commenting on Ziggler’s hair, but he was so bad about his roots, then the flat-ironing, but this?  This is a whole other level of horror.  I almost said that Ziggler’s hair makes melted Fiend look sweet and cuddly, but that might be a bit too far.  I will say that while I LOVE extensions, you either need to match your hair color or go so far away from it on the color wheel that it’s a whole look.  That’s just Ziggy wishful thinking.  Natalie said she’s pulled better-looking things from her shower drain, and I have to agree.

The match, on the other hand, was solid.  Both teams went out there as if they were the main event and gave it all they got.  I can’t say I was on my feet like McAfee, but it was dang good, and told a story.  Actually, I was more impressed with the heelwork from the Dirty Dogs than I have been in the past.  They did a solid job of heeling it up in there.  Maybe they should have worked WM!


Cousinly Love?

Finally, someone moved out of the way after Shayna set up their arm on the mat.  I get that it was Tamina who pulled Natalya out of the way, but never understood why anyone would leave their arm in such an awkward position on the mat, just waiting for Shayna to stomp.  To me it’s worse than a group of people all standing up together outside the ring and waiting to catch the person flying off the top.  I get why they do it, but the Shayna thing is a whole other level of horrible to me.

If they were going to have Natalya and Tamina continue to go after Shayna and Nia, I think they should have gotten their WM.  I think it would have been a lot more fun to watch Shayna and Nia come back and win their straps back than have ANOTHER WM rematch.  Fingers crossed that Tamina gets gold sooner than later, because she’s been killing it lately.  Honestly, Tamina is the only reason this didn’t get a flaming skull!


Swinging Good Time

I love the creativity in this match.  I didn’t expect such chemistry from these two.  I know they’ve worked together in tag matches, but this was a whole other thing and it worked beautifully.  They fed off each other, hit some beautiful moves in their back-and-forth work, and neither had to lose clean to the other.  Following it up with a bit of Rollins on mic and this was solid all the way around.  Though, I do have to say that, like KO/Zayn, I hope this is blown off before or at Backlash, because Cesaro is destined for bigger things.


Shut Up, I’m Talking!

I don’t have Graves to call out any longer.  I’m a massive Michael Cole fan and have been much of his career, other than when he was a raging heel.  I have been a Cole Miner for many years.  Then there’s Pat McAfee who left me smiling more times than I could count in the two hours he was working announce.  He was a beautiful mix of knowledge and fanboy, in the best of ways!  I think this proves that announce works better with two, and they don’t have to be an obvious heel and obvious face to make it work.  The announce work made SD better, and that’s something I’ve not been able to say in a very long time.  They are finally getting to be the enjoyment the NXT announce table has given for much of the past year.