WWE Releases…Our Thoughts

Post-WrestleMania is always a time of release.  We have come to know that WWE will clear out some of the chaff that hasn’t been used, or have not been happy within the company.  There are always some surprises, and usually, a lot more than were released this week



I’m still in awe that Samoa Joe is gone from WWE.  He’d been hitting it out of the park on announce, and his other network shows.  I’ve been thinking long and hard and have to wonder if Joe wanted out of the WWE for one reason or another, and really hope he’s back sooner than later because he was a breath of fresh air on announce.

Everyone knows where I sit on Mickie James.  It’s well past time she transitions to the next part of her life.  They tried her out on NXT TakeOver both on Kick Off and the announce table, and she really wasn’t very good.  Her leaving WWE is no great loss for anyone.

Peyton has been absolutely nothing since Iiconics split.  Same for Tucker since the split of Heavy Machinery.  Neither have been seen enough for anyone to care.  Poor Tucky and his beautiful eyes.

Then there’s the other sad news in the loss of Billie Kay.  In some ways I can see her going with her longtime bestie, but she was killing it on SD.  BK running around giving everyone her CV reminded me of when Ziggler ran around and introduced himself to everyone, but BK was leaps and bounds funnier and better looking than Ziggler.  I truly don’t get her release at this point.



I am heartbroken with some of the releases announced Thursday.  It’s not like their roster is bloated to the point of excess like it was last spring.

Samoa Joe has been a dream come true on announce!  yes, it’s been sad not to see him in the ring, however, he brought the perspective of a wrestler to commentary that the others did not have and he breathed a breath of fresh air into an otherwise lackluster commentary team.  His insight was unique from the others’ insights and it will be missed immensely.

Billie K took me by surprise!  I vehemently disliked her as part of the Iiconics to the point I would mute the tv whenever they were on if not leave the room.  After they split them up I was very shocked to discover this woman is funny, she is extremely comedic and has livened up many shows for me.  I have enjoyed watching her develop and progress her character.  I have become a huge fan of her unique fashion style and yes I still want one of her funky skirts!

There are many that will be missed but honestly, these are the two that just about gutted me.  WWE, you made a bad decision here, these two and many of the others are fantastic and were a huge asset to your brand and will be missed for a long time.



I wasn’t really shocked that WWE released people but two names shocked me and three names didn’t shock me at all with the rest of them meh.

Billie Kay shocked me as I thought that she was doing great in her new role of giving people her resume and her comedic timing was great. Her in-ring skills is something that she could have worked on but she could have work with Natalya or Sara Del Ray on it. She has a great upside to her and hopefully she can land on her feet working with another company.

A name that wasn’t shocking that got released was Tucker as he was doing ok after Heavy Machinery broke up then he chased the 24/7 7/11 i95 south European championship and was an afterthought since then not even showing up on Main Event either which is a bad sign but one nonetheless.

Another name that didn’t shock me when he was released was as he was around for not too long but he really didn’t make too much of an impression on me other than being a hyperactive guy. He was good with Zack Ryder as a part of Hyper Bros but it went downhill after he went heel and didn’t do much until Gronk showed up for WrestleMania then lost the 24/7 7/11 i95 south European championship then disappeared just to reappear to lose one match then disappeared for good.

Mickie James didn’t shock me when she was released as she wasn’t doing anything with her since she lost to Asuka and that was the last singles match that I can remember her having in WWE. The last match she was in was the Royal Rumble as she was in the Rumble match. She was on the preshow panel for Takeover Stand & Deliver but I felt like she was stiff when she was talking. She will land on her feet as she still has her music career to fall back on and she will find a company that will hire her for her experience.

This name truly shocked me as I thought that they would try and hold on to him as he was doing great on commentary. Samoa Joe was the last name that I thought would be let go, as he is great in the ring and his mic skills were great. When they announced the new announcement team for Raw here I thought that Joe was going to be moved to Smackdown to be on announce with Cole and not released. Whichever company wins the bidding war for Joe would be lucky to have him on their roster.



I want to wrap this up by saying how hopeful I am for Mia Yim being moved to SD.  There could be a lot for her there, or she could just be stuck in a rut like Nikki Cross who we haven’t seen in months.  Yes, Slapjack is moving to SD too, and I hope he drops the name and the mask because it’s just ridiculous to not use such hugely talented superstars.