WWE NXT – Live Coverage And Results

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WWE NXT Results:

Kyle O’Reilly comes out to the ring start NXT this week. He talks about how there are challenges in life and you have to overcome them. He is elated to not be around Adam Cole and that he has never been one to throw himself into the spotlight because his work speaks for itself. Kyle starts to wonder what is next for him after putting Adam Cole behind him and he says he has found that killer instinct he was hesitant to act on. He starts pitching on possibly going after the NXT North American Championship or the NXT Championship. He is then interrupted by Cameron Grimes and he congratulates him on beating Adam Cole. Grimes starts pitching a partnership between the two of them and Kyle says it is impressive what Grimes is doing in the stock market. Kyle says that he if officially cleared to compete and that Grimes is his first opponent. Kyle hits Grimes with a punch and leaves.

A video is shown of Sarray arriving to the CWC with William Regal waiting to greet her. Zoey Stark then appears and says she would love to welcome her to NXT by being her first opponent. Sarray accepts the match and they shake hands.

LA Knight is backstage and cuts a promo about how his opponents ganged up on him to eliminate him from the gauntlet eliminator. He then begins to talk about Dexter Lumis and what he plans on doing to him in their match tonight.

LA Knight def. Dexter Lumis. Indi Hartwell showed up during the match an inadvertently caused the distraction to cause him to lose. Indi and Dexter appear to be ready to kiss after the match but the Way come out to take her to the back.

Leon Ruff cuts a promo on Isaiah “Swerve” Scott backstage. He talks about what he did to Scott last week and he is done playing games with him. He is waiting for Scott to do something because he is ready to settle things.

Beth Phoenix is backstage with Io Shirai to conduct an interview. Beth recalls when Io won the NXT Women’s Championship and Io talks what it meant to her. They then replay clips from her match with Raquel Gonzalez and she plans on getting her rematch when the time is right. She then says she plans on getting some rest when Franky Monet’s dog comes interrupts. Franky gives them props and introduces herself and says she can fill Io’s shoes of being atop the women’s division. Io says some things in Japanese and says she likes cats.

Grizzled Young Veterans def. Breezango

Indi Hartwell is ready to be interviewed backstage but the Way come in to stop her from saying anything. Bronson Reed then comes in and talks about how he wants another shot at the NXT North American Championship. Austin Theory then comes in and tells Bronson that he spoke to William Regal and he will only get another shot at Gargano if he beats him. Johnny questions why he would do that and the Way leave.

Cameron Grimes is interviewed backstage about his match with Kyle O’Reilly and he starts to talk about how he invested in an NFT. He reads the memo about it and it says he was outbid by Ted DiBiase. He yells about DiBiase cheating him out of it and leaves.

Sarray def. Zoey Stark. Toni Storm attacks Stark after the match and leaves when Sarray comes to check on Stark.

Raquel Gonzalez is with Dakota Kai and she is interviewed about Io Shirai’s comments. Raquel says she will be a better champion than Io and Dakota says that they beat Io so bad that she will be on vacation. Dakota laughs at the idea of Mercedes Martinez challenging Raquel and Raquel says she will go through every challenger.

Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell are walking backstage and Candice talks about how they will confront Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart. Indi is distracted by Dexter Lumis behind a door and Candice confronts Ember and Shotzi on her own. Ember and Shotzi grab her and pull her into their room and it sounds like they are beating her up as the door is closed.

A video package is shown of KUSHIDA’s journey in NXT and how he won the NXT Cruiserweight Championship last week.

KUSHIDA makes his way out to the ring and he says he won the title during an open challenge and wants to do the same. KUSHIDA asks who wants a title shot and Oney Lorcan comes out to accept.

KUSHIDA def. Oney Lorcan to retain the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Legado del Fantasma come out to attack KUSHIDA after the match. MSK come out to make the save and they clear the ring with KUSHIDA.

Mercedes Martinez cuts a promo backstage and she says that Raquel is scared of her. She says that Raquel is in Dakota’s shadow and that she will take Dakota out so nothing can get in the way of her pursuit of the NXT Women’s Championship.

The Way are backstage and Austin and Johnny are discussing what Austin talked about with Regal. Candice then walks in and shows the wounds of the beating she took from Ember and Shotzi. Indi then walks in and talks about how she saw Lumis and that she got a tag title match for herself and Candice. They leave and Candice is left in the chair sulking.

Imperium def. Ever-Rise

Kyle O’Reilly def. Cameron Grimes