Big Talk And Bigger Wrestling – SD Review

So much excitement running through WWE this week!  I hope the excitement flows over into SD this week because there’s no reason for all that drama to stay trapped backstage!  I type that and then somehow missed almost the entire opening segment.  I thought I was on Fox, watching Big Bang, and it’s all good until I realized it was well after 8pm EST and I’d missed the opener!  Luckily Sam stepped up and wrote the opening segment for us.  So much love to Sam!


You’re Both Losers (SAM)

Solid opening to Smackdown this week with this segment. Cesaro came out to talk about what happened last week but would be quickly interrupted by Seth Rollins. I loved how he took credit for Cesaro reaching his potential because he did it with the right amount of slime. Seth doesn’t want Cesaro to move towards a pursuit of the Universal Championship because he is not done with him. Cesaro pitched having a match to finish things and Seth seemed game but Jey Uso would come out. Jey would talk about how Cesaro is not worthy of facing Roman Reigns and would team up with Seth to get ready to beatdown Cesaro. Daniel Bryan would come out to even the odds and I loved how he spoke about how hard Cesaro has worked during his time in WWE and he will always be there to support him. Bryan mocked that Roman would come out to make it a 3-on-2 beatdown and Roman would come out with Paul Heyman. I dug that he wants nothing to do with them because they are losers and would leave after saying what kind of losers they are. Nice opening segment and I like that Cesaro has Bryan’s endorsement.  




Fight Nice Boys!

Coming back from commercial those four guys were beating the heck out of each other.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it flashed me back to Wednesday night when Shida and Conti beat the heck out of each other with the same ferocity.  I never thought I’d be talking up AEW women in any way, so I’m in awe of what I wrote above as well.  Beyond that, these four left it out there as if this was a PPV main event.  This is better than the majority of the matches on night 2 of WM this year.  THIS is how to put on a wrestling show, which SD is and Raw struggles to be at times.  They totally killed it in this match.  So much greatness it makes me wonder if they’re going to be giving Bry great matches and segments like this to keep him excited about working other wrestling companies if he’s given top spots on SD.


Big Swiss Swing!

Bry sitting up on the corner talking down Reigns while Cesaro used Jey as his own personal dance partner, without Jey’s consent.  What a fantastic segment for both Bry and Cesaro.  They both came out looking better than ever.  Jey also deserves massive props.  He played McMahon unable to get away from SCSA better than anyone has in many years.


Commander Tzatziki!

Yawn.  Okay, Apollo wasn’t bad, but I’m just not feeling him right now.  I really want to love to hate him, and I did for a couple weeks, but that’s gone the way of the dodo, and I’m bored again.


Reggie’s Suit!

Tamina has been great in the ring lately, especially against Nia who can take her abuse without issue.  They had a few floppy moments that looked like they were all Nia and very little Tamina, though it looks as though Nia has lost about ten of the extra 40lbs she’s been lugging around since she was out due to her knees.  More power to her, she looks physically better with the weight loss.  Yes, there was all the floppy in there, but it happens.  Honestly, the grade would be much lower if Natalya has been in the ring in that atrocious gear she was wearing.  No clue who has been dressing her over the past month, because other than the tatas area, she’s been a hot mess.


The Big Guys!

KO and Big E on mic together are fantastic!  I really want to see a feud between them at some point!  This was great!  Wow, SD has been so good I’ve not been in the DD much because I’m typing away with an actual smile on my face.  If my hair wasn’t a total mess, I’d take a selfie to show the smile that’s been on my face for the past hour of SD, which grew even more for this segment.  Just know that I loved these two together, and hearing KO’s accent popping out a bit made me smile that much more.  I was actually in one of the larger French-Canadian cities in Maine yesterday and heard the accent while I was in Marden’s (absurd surplus home goods store only in Maine with the most annoying song in their commercials – You shoulda bought it, when you saw it, at Marden’s!) on Thursday.  It always gives me warm fuzzies.


The Magic Moves!

That Apollo came off the apron the way he did was so cool, as did what McAfee said about all of five people in the world who can do that, but then KO followed it up with a swanton bomb of his own.  To me KO hitting a swanton is leaps and bounds more impressive than Apollo doing a backflip off the apron and landing on his own feet when KO moved out of the way.

McAfee placating Zayn’s conspiracy theories and his movie is hysterical!  I might have been the only one who loved the endearing little fanboy McAfee was on announce his first week, as even he didn’t like how he came across when he saw SD on playback.  His working with Zayn against Michael Cole was fantastic!

I’m a massive KO fan and have been since he was Kevin Steen, but watching this match I was reminded of what a wide array of moves KO has in his pocket for any given match.  He’s so good and should really be in this fight, with Big E, for the strap.  It would add extra flavor in a beautiful way.


Paul’s Tie!

He’s amazing on the stick, no matter what is going on, and has one of the best histories – for who he’s worked with – in the industry.  I could listen to him talk for two hours and not get bored, because he’s just that great, all the way around.


Danielle Who?

At least WWE has these newbies telling us who they are, so we don’t end up with ‘nameless backstage blonde’ like TNA had for years when I was writing about Impact every week.  Not sure about her yet, but I love her extremely expressive face, and that the male wrestlers won’t have to squat down in any way to talk to her.  I love Big E and how he’s not afraid of Apollo’s commander!


Ding Dong, Huh?

Bayley is the best way, so far, I’ve seen for getting rid of the Dirty Dogs.  Now, I still want to see Roode succeed in a major way, but not as Ziggler’s second.  Roode is better than that all the way around.  It’s breaking my heart that he’s been stuck the way he has in WWE.

Ford coming back with Bianca on his phone was fantastic.  And he has a lovely singing voice!

Bayley KILLED it after the commercial.  How she said what any good face would say to Bianca at this point in her career/run on SD with the strap, then came back and couldn’t stop laughing.  I’m still in awe at how great Bayley handled this segment and is handling being a heel.  Blown away by the woman we didn’t think would be able to play heel.  She’s one of the best heels on the roster these days, and a big part of it is the flavor she adds to it personally.


Better Than Daddy!

Gables’ belly-to-belly on Dom was sick, until the end when Dom landed on his feet.  Guess he did learn something from his Papi!  But dang, those belly-to-belly suplexes were interesting to watch, as were how he transitioned into the next of the same move.  I don’t know if that’s the first time he’s done it, or if I’ve missed him doing it before, but I’m going to be watching intently to see it from here on out!  I’m excited about the triple suplex being used in such a way, even if I’m so bloody over him and Otis running together the way they are right now.

Then Rey gets in there and looks sloppy in there.  I get that he wants to be in there, working the ring with his son for as long as he can, but when does it turn into Dom carrying his father?  I’m not saying Rey looks THAT bad, but if he doesn’t hang them up soon, he’s going to start to become a joke, and none of us want that to happen to someone as special as Rey.

Wow, Dom’s sliding powerbomb on Gable into the barricade was BEAUTIFUL!  Rey’s frog splash looked solid, but that’s a move that should be easy for him, even at his age.  His head scissors off the corner looked horrible, and it was against Gable, not even Otis!  I’m not saying Rey needs to stop wrestling, because I have no right to tell anyone when it’s time to hang up their boots, I just hope he does it before he turns into a joke like so many before them.


Shut Up, I’m Talking Here!

This was a really great episode of SD.  Second week in a row SD has been the best ‘mainstream’ pro wrestling show of the week.  Yes, I’m basically saying that SD was leaps and bounds better than Raw this week.  I’ve been watching SD excited for most of the two hours.  I fell asleep no less than three times Monday night.  What a great night, and make sure you keep your eyes open for my opinionated review of the news of the week because I have a lot to say about all the drama going down backstage in WWE right now!