Opinionated News Review – 4/19 – 4/25

I’m trying to find the right name and logo for this weekly posting, reacting to the news of the week.  For now it will be posted as A Queenly Surmising, but if that changes, I will let you know.  For now, look for this weekly review of the news that has touched me and at times the rest of the WR roster each week.

Coming off the releases last week I was stuck with the humor of Kenn Doane retiring days after his former fiancee was again released by WWE.  I don’t know why it struck me as funny as it did, but it did make me laugh quite a bit at the timing.  I also have to say that I’m quite impressed with how he looks at pro wrestling as a business and had plans to retire at 40 from a young age, but was able to retire early due to good investments.  Sounds like he really has a good head on his shoulders, even if he was engaged to Mickie James at one point.

Since I mentioned Mickie James, I’m going to jump right into the biggest story of last week.  No matter who the released person is, they never deserve to have their belongings shoved into a trash bag and sent to them as such.  I’m very happy that Mickie posted it to Twitter the way she did because it seemed to shake another massive backstage bully loose.  Since the release of Mark Carrano, people have been coming out of the woodwork to point fingers at him about severe bullying, including an ex-girlfriend of his, Nick Dinsmore (known in WWE as Eugene) and Fred Rosser (known in WWE as Darren Young) during their stints with WWE.  Dinsmore says that the allegations so far are just the tip of the iceberg and he’s waiting for the sexual assault allegations to start flying.  Rosser said that Carrano threatened to fire him at every turn and while Rosser didn’t say why, I have to wonder why he would target Rosser in such a way.

There have also been numerous others, including fans, who saw how Carrano treated people backstage, and on Total Divas, who thought he was not the best person to work with.  Many seemed to know the bully he was, but, as it is for most people dealing with someone like that, they’re afraid of saying something for fear of losing their job or being blackballed in the industry as a whole.  I’m thrilled Triple H stepped up and things were taken care of backstage.  He continues to impress me as someone who cares about the wrestlers and staff in a way Vince McMahon hasn’t in many years, if ever.  I’m hoping this means more and more things are being shaken up backstage which should lead to better Raw and SD programming, if you catch what I’m throwing here.


I’m shocked that I’m writing this, but the women’s match on AEW Dynamite this week should have been the main event.  It truly was THAT good.  All along I’ve said WWE dropped the ball releasing Tay Conti, because she’s been competing physically since she was seven years old.  She might have been green in NXT, but that’s what it’s for, to learn how to be a great wrestler.  Well, they let her go and she had one of the best matches of the week with Hiraku Shida.  Shida is leaps and bounds more seasoned than Conti, but she helped raise Conti to the next level in this match.  I also have to comment on the love between the women before and after the match.  It shows that fave versus face matches can be some of the best ever.  I understand why Jungle Boy vs Darby Allin ended the show, as the TNT Championship can only be defended on the TNT Network, so there’s that question hanging over the match as to whether it will come to a final conclusion before Dynamite went off the air.  It truly was a fantastic match between two very equally matched men who might not get a chance to be as great in WWE because of their size.  Allin is lighter than Rey Mysterio, and Jungle Boy weighs in where Spike Dudley wrestled.  I’m delighted to see such greatness on Dynamite and will be watching again this week after stepping away from the company for over six months due to how the women had been treated by the company.


I’m truly thrilled that Maria Kanellis is taking charge of the relaunch of Women of Honor.  While she was of the Divas Era, she has worked all over the place and she understands how the industry works, what the fans want to see, and how to work with women who want to succeed.  I believe that this could be a fantastic fit and hoping I have a reason to care about ROH again sooner than later.


Lastly, while we don’t cover MMA on WR, there is something I need to say after what happened this weekend.  First, I’m completely and thoroughly disgusted by the number of people, especially big names who people look up to, attending UFC 261.  Further, the lack of masks pisses me off to no end.  It might be that I look at things in a different way because I’ve been chronically ill all my life, and I try to take things as carefully as possible, but the pandemic is not over, and won’t be until there are enough of us vaccinated (I have a PEG allergy and was within two hours of getting the J&J vaccine – the only one without PEG in it – but I’m getting back on the list today to get it) that there’s true herd immunity, having large gatherings of any sort will only cause another spike in Covid infections.

Getting off my soapbox.  All of us at WR, our hearts go out to Chris Weidman.  He’s had surgery on the horrific break he sustained in the octagon, and we hope that he will fully heal.  Rarely can anyone return to the ring or octagon after an injury like that, so my hopes are that he can lead a healthy life without a significant limp.