WWE NXT – Live Coverage And Results

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WWE NXT Results: 

Mercedes Martinez def. Dakota Kai by DQ when Raquel Gonzalez attacks Mercedes. Raquel continues to beat her down after the match.

Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart are interviewed backstage about their upcoming matches. They say they will take care of the Way next week but are not overlooking the Robert Stone Brand. A stagehand then hands them flowers and Franky Monet walks in. She introduces herself and then reads the card and it says they are from Dexter Lumis. They do not like the idea he sent them and try to pawn off the flowers on each other as NXT goes to commercial.

A video is shown from earlier in the day and it is of Cameron Grimes entering a jewelry store. He says he is there to get something for himself and asks to see what he has for him. The jeweler takes his time and Grimes wants him to hurry up as the segment ends.

Grizzled Young Veterans are in the ring and they take issue with MSK refusing to defend the tag titles against them. They talk more about it and how they plan on becoming champions. Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher then come out and Ciampa talks about how they are similar. Ciampa talks about how they are leaders and how they also want to win the tag titles. Ciampa recalls how Grizzled Young Veterans beat them last time and Thatcher has been studying them since. Thatcher and Ciampa then attack Grizzled Young veterans and they run off before the attack can continue.

Drake Maverick and Killian Dain are interviewed about their tag match with Imperium and he questions Dain’s motivation. He believes that Dain will betray him and join Imperium but Dain tries to reassure him that it won’t happen.

Xia Li is backstage and she is speaking in her native tongue for her promo while the rest of Tian Sha appear as NXT goes to commercial.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott is in his studio and he talks about how Leon Ruff attacked him after their match. He says he was mad at first but is actually proud of him because he did something he would have done. He then proposes a Falls Count Anywhere match and the graphic pops up to make it official.

Zayda Ramier def. Toni Storm. Toni cut a promo prior to the match on Zoey Stark and how she made her famous at TakeOver. She says she isn’t done with her and will make easy work of Zayda. Stark came out during the match and that distracted Storm to allow Ramier to get the win.

Legado del Fantasma is backstage and they cut a promo on KUSHIDA and MSK. They say they were lucky last week and they plan on taking it to them tonight in the main event. Mendoza and Wilde plan on taking the titles from MSK and Santos is ready to reclaim the Cruiserweight Championship from KUSHIDA.

LA Knight is interviewed backstage and he talks about how everybody is talking about how he beat Dexter Lumis. He then talks about Indi Hartwell and that he knows she wants him because he felt it. He brags about it and then Ever-Rise appear as Knight leaves. McKenzie cuts off the interview as soon as they ask to be asked a question.

Bronson Reed def. Austin Theory and earns a future NXT North American Championship match against Johnny Gargano.

KUSHIDA and MSK are interviewed backstage and MSK are excited to be teaming with KUSHIDA. They thank KUSHIDA for taking them under his wing and they plan on winning tonight.

The Way are backstage and they are talking about how Theory lost against Bronson. They place the blame on Dexter Lumis, Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon. They ask Indi what she will do about it and walks off.

Imperium def. Killian Dain & Drake Maverick

Pete Dunne cuts a promo backstage and he talks about the various champions in NXT and how he can may go after any of them.

NXT cuts back to Cameron Grimes in the jewelry store and he picks out a watch to wear. A familiar voice then comes in to say it is not as good of a watch as the one he has and it is Ted DiBiase. DiBiase leaves and Grimes is left seething at him again.

Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon vs Jessi Kamea & Aliyah does not happen as Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae jump the champions prior to the match. They beat them down and referees come in to break it up.

A video is shown of Adam Cole being interviewed poolside and he talks about how he is feeling since his match with Kyle O’Reilly. He talks about how he has felt worse and that he is doing fine. He says it was not a mistake to disband the Undisputed Era and that he has been carrying NXT. Cole then talks about the idea of Kyle being the face of NXT and says Kyle is not ready for the moment of being in the main event. Cole says Kyle will never be at the top as long as he is in NXT. Cole says that Karrion Kross is good but he is not great like he is. Cole does not know what is next for him but the best version of him is still to come. NXT then cuts back to the CWC and it shows Kyle watching the interview on a screen. He shakes his head at it and NXT goes to commercial.

A vignette for “Diamond Mine” is played before NXT goes to commercial.

Legado del Fantasma def. KUSHIDA & MSK