Opinionated News Review – 4/26 – 5/2/21

Wow, it has been a quiet week in wrestling news, and because of that, I’m afraid this will be quite short.  It’s just one of those weeks when nothing major happens.  Last week was all about Mickie James and Mark Carrano, but this week has been almost nothing.


One of the funniest men in pro wrestling posted a pic of his jaw-droppingly beautiful and ripped daughter, sharing to Triple H and Stephanie, stating that she’s been raised since birth to be a WWE superstar.  Holy smokes has that woman worked hard on her body, and if she has even half the humor her father showed us, she absolutely could be a top superstar.  I showed the picture to Stacy and said she was the daughter of the funniest wrestler we both love.  He was impressed with the work the young woman put in but also said there really hasn’t been a truly comedic female wrestler.  Thinking about it, Stacy is only partially right.  WWE released the purest female comedian they’d had in years in Billie Kay.  Even Carmella stated that she was excited to go into this pairing with her and get past this sexy thing WWE wanted her to do.  That being sexy is fun, but this thing with BK would have some real meat to it.  This shows that the WWE superstars see what WWE can’t seem to get their heads around with the women.  (I’ll come back to this.)

On the other hand, you can say that Bayley has truly been embracing her comedic chops in both her wrestling character and her show host character with too many pairs of glasses.  She’s playing a character that hugger Bayley never could have touched, and most of us didn’t think she had in her.  The problem is that while Bayley is hysterical, a sarcastic heel character is very different from a truly hysterical face comedic character, something we’ve not had since Santino.


I said we would circle back to how WWE doesn’t seem to know how to handle the women on the roster.  Bianca, Sasha, Bayley, Charlotte, and Bliss, all have obvious direction, but they are a small part of the roster.  The thing is that looking at them, they’re all being booked the way men would be booked, not as the women they are.  NXT handles the women so well and WWE drops the ball so hard on almost a weekly basis, and I love that Maria Kanellis is calling out Stephanie McMahon on how the women of WWE are being handled, and how many balls have been dropped.  Personally, I think Steph has too much on her plate.  She seems to have her fingers in many parts of WWE, and I’m not sure she can do enough for the women being spread as thin as she has to be.  Trip somehow understands it and knows how to make it all work in NXT.  I’m not going to go off on my typical tangent on how WWE doesn’t get this, that, and the other while NXT is killing it each and every week, all the way around.  It’s starting to look like two very different entities, with NXT being so much more than WWE could ever be under the aging tutelage of Vince McMahon.


Since this has all been about women, I’d going to finish off this topic by stating AEW dropped the ball with the women this week.  One female segment and the match wasn’t very good.  Coming off the week before I was so excited to see the upswing for women in AEW, but nope.  Statlander’s ring rust was glaring, and Penelope Ford has been working on her skills, but her issues were glaring in this match.


The last thing I want to mention is that I got my vaccine this past weekend and have been recovering from it since.  Now, feeling icky like that sucks, but it’s nothing compared to being sick with Covid-19.  If you’ve not had your vaccine and you’re eligible to do so, please do it.  You will be protecting yourself, your family, your friends, and even people you don’t know.  The only way to get our lives back to some semblance of order, until the next pandemic virus comes along, is to vaccinate ourselves.  Very few reasons hold water for not getting the vaccine at this point.  Normally I try to keep politics off WR, but I feel strongly enough about this that I am breaking my own rule.  Get vaccinated, save lives.