No One Can Replace Bry! – SD Review

I feel like all I heard from my TV in the hour leading up to SD this week was commercials for Cesaro versus Rollins, WM rematch.  As much as I complain about post-PPV rematches, I only really have issue when it happens right after the PPV.  A few weeks out after more build isn’t a post-PPV rematch for me, it’s the continuation of a feud or storyline.



Cole was adorable looking like himself early on in the denim shirt he used to rock.  I love seeing McAfee in an old school WWE blazer, channeling McMahon.  Even better was them standing ringside.  The problem I have is that they’re billing this as a throwback SD, but they’re showing graphics and looks that happened well before SD was even a thought in The Rock’s eye.

Jimmy and Jey hugging like they’ve not seen each other in forever is ridiculous.  They are a close family all the way around, so we know they’ve seen each other much more recently than the family reunion we saw in the ring.  A bit annoying to me, but Cesaro brought it back when he said no one can replace Bry.

Honestly, other than Cesaro on mic, the only really great parts of this segment were Heyman’s ‘Ding!’ and Teddy Long making an appearance.  The rest was worse than the 20-minute Trip promos everyone used to complain about.  All that being said, SD is still already tons better than Raw.



I was thrilled that they shared a very short ICO PRO commercial before this match.  It took me a moment to get what was going on.  Watching so much old-school wrestling makes me less likely to have nostalgia over some of these things because I’ve seen them fairly recently.

Interesting to see Rollins wanting none of the help from the Usos and taking them out physically for it.  I love how the Usos basically screwed their cousin into a match he doesn’t think will be worth his time.  Personally, I’ve been very vocal in my love for Cesaro, so while not a top-tier PPV, it’s going to be great to see him in the main event at Backlash.  Even if it’s not the actual main event, the two top championships are always the main event level at every PPV, even if they start the show.



I love the old way of putting the superstars’ names on the screen, as if we don’t know who they are.  It was very cool to see, and I love seeing these issues between Rollins and Reigns.

Sonya and Teddy together were adorable together, but Zayn and Long about had me on the floor laughing.

Then back to Reigns ripping on Jimmy, which we knew would happen.  I love the issues in the family and hope this grows into a massive and ugly issue within the family.


Mella Is Money?

While still being sexy, Carmella is finally starting to look like Mella again, and it’s great.  I’ve been so sick of not seeing Mella, Ruby, Liv, and the rest of the women who were brushed aside during WM season.  They have enough time to build the men on Raw and SD, why not build the women as well?  Further, I get that they are building Mella, but everyone’s being built on Ruby’s back right now and I really don’t like it.  These two could have given us an epic match, instead we got little more than a couple minutes.  The moves were better than the Divas, but this felt little better than what they gave us back in the day.


Women Of WWE

Bayley going through some of the best women of WWE of all time, comparing them all to herself in a way only Bayley can.  It was hysterical, only to be made better with Bianca out there.  I know some think Bianca is too emotional on mic, but for me, it goes back to grit.  Bianca is Steve Austin out there.  She is who she is and doesn’t make any apologies for it.  She’s a tough chick who takes no crap from anyone, and will dominate in ring as well as by being true to herself dialed up to 11.  She gets it, even this early in her career.


Food For Thought

It’s time for Jey to listen to Jimmy, not Roman.  This was the strongest mic segment of the show so far.  I love this dynamic between the twins right now.  Solid, tight, short, but full of twin magic in the best of ways.


Filthy Animals?

I just can’t see Dom’s face without seeing Rey in WCW after Nash made the massive mistake (yes, I will admit that Nash makes mistakes when they are as obvious as that one) of removing Rey’s mask.   Rey had such a babyface for so long, and other than his height, he looks so much like his father that I can’t unsee it.  We need to see Dom in horns one of these days, just for the fun of it.

I love Dom’s standing dropkick.  He’s so tall that it looks insane seeing him hit the dropkick so well.


Tamina’s Gonna Kill Him

Or, not so much.  I really expected so much more than what we got here.  This was a massive flop for me.  Gone was Reginald’s silliness in flipping.  He felt like he was going through the motions flipping around.  The only one really seeming to enjoy herself was Shayna, and that got stronger when she got her hands on Tamina.  This was really not good all the way around.


And We Have…Yawn

I’m not feeling Apollo at all.  He was doing so well, and then he took the accent and it all fell apart for me.  I’m beyond over Apollo and that hurts my heart.

But then there’s KO being totally out of his element!  Naka wanting the smoke, the Profits, and Big E being who he is, KO felt a bit out of the loop there.  I don’t get it because KO is one of the funniest guys on the roster.  This was just strange!  Luckily this segment evened things out after Apollo bringing us all down.



I know it’s not been long, but it feels like forever seen we’ve seen Naka be really creative in the ring.  Goes back to WM season and how people get pushed aside.

Honestly, seeing Otis with control over KO, I realized that as much as I like Otis, I’ve never thought of him at all on KO’s level.  Maybe I just adore KO so much that I can’t think of people being on his level, but I know Otis just isn’t there yet, and they were right to not strap him in 2020 after winning the MITBLM.

Overall, this made certain superstars look strong, but didn’t do enough for anyone in this match.  It was more of a daft throwaway than anything.  Only for some of the moves is this not the third match to be failed this Friday night.


Twin Split?

I loved seeing Jimmy leave the ring the way he did, and I was a bit surprised to see Jey leave the ring to go after Jimmy.  What I didn’t understand was why Heyman left the ring too, until Cesaro attacked Reigns.  I was a bit surprised that Jimmy went to help his brother, but something in this segment shocked me more than anything tonight.  I cannot get over how badly the family took Cesaro’s neutralizer!  None of them took it well, making it look like a nothing move.  It’s like the way those who took Trip’s pedigree by dropping to a knee made that look like so much less than it was.  That’s something that truly bothers me more than the use of McMahon’s banned words, Cole’s Vintage, and anyone yelling Mama Mia!


Shut Up, I’m Yelling Here!

Just when I think SD can do little wrong, they give us a Throwback show and ruin everything that makes SD the second-best wrestling show of the week.  Yes, I’m saying it, the only wrestling show better than SD is NXT.  NXT held up their end of things this week, but SD did not.  I am not sure I’ve seen such a sorry SD in years, and I blame the gimmick!  They need to actually do these episodes well, or not do them at all, because this was a mess!