Like Falling Into Bed – Opinionated News

Another slow week in wrestling news.  It really feels like there’s been a lull in pro wrestling recently, but that’s usually how it is this time of the year.  For some reason there are usually a couple of deaths around WM week, and then after that, there’s a bit of a lull in all things wrestling related until the summer gets going and people do things they wouldn’t do in the cold of winter, leading to pro wrestling news ramping up again.

There have been a few things that had people talking this week and I said I’d be addressing this one specific thing in one way or another.  There are honestly a couple of things I want to talk about, and all are AEW Dynamite Blood And Guts related.

First off, let me start by saying that if I pay to see a live wrestling show, I dang well better see a live wrestling show, not half of it pre-recorded and played on the tron!  I honestly didn’t notice, somehow, during Dynamite, that the first half of the night was defended in a single ring.  All the work that was done in a single ring and shown to the live fans on the tron.  Yes, the set for the show was fantastic and harder for some people to work with the double ring, but to screw the fans who paid for the live show in such a way truly disgusts me.  Again, as I’ve said a lot lately, AEW is really looking like they’re trying to fail in every way WCW did, and some more interesting and exciting ways.  What a mess!

Then, because I’m me, I need to totally rip on the women’s match of the week on AEW Dynamite.  What a mess!  Between the massive ring rust on Kris Statlander and how green Julia Hart was, it was one of the worst matches I’ve seen in a long time.  Watching Survivor Series 2000 I was blown away by Trish and Molly being in a six-man tag match, Chyna in a Traditional SS Match with seven men, and then Ivory and Lita for the Women’s Championship Match.  Survivor Series 2002 gave us Victoria and Trish in a Hardcore Women’s Championship Match where both women bled from the face, and Armageddon of the same year gave us a wonderful Women’s Championship Match between Trish who was only just coming into her own, Victoria at the height of her crazy, and Jacqueline who was formidable no matter who she was in the ring with.  These matches were about twenty years ago and were some of the best matches we saw on the under-card for these PPV events, which shows us that even during some of the worst times for women in pro wrestling, there were still amazing matches to be had.  If even WWE could give us upstanding matches like those listed during some of the lowest times in pro wrestling for women, the least AEW could give us is better than two minutes of botchy fluff, especially in a show called Blood And Guts!  It’s a travesty.

The last thing I need to get off my chest is the Jericho thing.  Personally I think their War Games match because that’s what it was, would have been fine without anyone flying off the cage because MJF truly sealed his future with his wild looks under his crimson mask.  MJF was brilliant!  The rest of the match was solid, and while I’ve not heard anything, I’ll be shocked if Sammy Guevara wasn’t knocked loop, if not actually concussed in the match.  To me, it was Guevara and MJF who were the stars of this match, but because of the crash pad, everyone is talking about Jericho.

I’m actually quite miffed at how so many in the IWC attacked Jericho for the bump he took.  First off, he’s not Foley or Mox in their primes, he’s fifty years old and debuted in wrestling over thirty years ago.  Even Shane McMahon, Kevin Owens, Gronk, Miz, and everyone else who has taken a massive bump in the past couple of years have taken them onto padding of some sort.  We are all (mostly) beyond the point of being ECW savages, and watch wrestling for the entertainment value, not to watch people actually get injured.  We talk about how amazing it was for Tommy Dreamer to work so many years (debuted in 1989) and the worst that’s happened to him in the ring was getting Covid-19.  We also talk about the workhorse Kane (debuted in 1992) who was rarely even busted open, never mind being injured.  Honestly, the boot he had on his foot a couple of years ago is the ONLY real injury I remember him having, and that didn’t even happen in the ring.  No destroyed knees, no neck or back issues, and he bumped quite a bit.  For a big guy, he was more of a high flier than some wrestlers half his weight!  These men proved that it’s possible to be a pro wrestler and not be injured in any major way, and it comes down to both genetics and knowing how to work safely.  Jericho didn’t have to take that bump, but he did finish off the night with a big bump.  Personally I’d rather see him land on a crash pad than onto cement, which I saw numerous people mention on Twitter.  I’m in awe at some of the things people say Jericho should have done at Blood And Guts, and I’m mortified.  There is one person who got it and said it better than most of us ever could, and she never called out anyone by name.



Oh, one last little thing.  If you don’t follow Ryback on Twitter, you missed a heck of a lot of fun this week.  He posted three separate polls asking his ‘fans’ what he should do with his career.  When the overwhelming majority wanted him to retire he blocked all the trolls and tried again.  And then again!  I will fully admit that I’m floored at just how insane he is – doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.  His final answer about the majority of his ‘fans’ voting for him to retire (myself included because I just couldn’t help myself) makes me believe that he’s drinking his own Kool-Aid and believes in more conspiracy theories than Sami Zayn’s character could ever even come up with!



I’m sorry this was all about AEW, but as I said, it was a quiet week and AEW made a hash out of a lot last week.