WWE Smackdown – Live Coverage And Results

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WWE Smackdown Results: 

Jey Uso is in the ring and he talks about what people call him. He then talks about that his brother Jimmy disrespected Roman Reigns last week and they need to handle business tonight. He then introduces Roman Reigns and he makes his way out with Paul Heyman. Roman talks to Jey about how his brother is a problem but he addresses Cesaro first. He talks about how he likes Cesaro like other people in the back do and how Cesaro cannot do what he does. He talks about how many title matches he has had and then Jimmy Uso comes out.

Jimmy says he is out there to hear what they have to say and wants Jey to join back up with him because Roman may lose on Sunday. Jey wants Jimmy to show respect to Roman but Jimmy won’t go as far as him. Roman continues to tell Jimmy to acknowledge him but Jimmy won’t do it. Roman scoffs as Jimmy saying he cannot beat Cesaro and Jimmy reiterates he doesn’t think he can beat him. Roman continues to scoff at Jimmy’s prediction and how Jimmy thinks he can be the man. Jimmy then calls for Cesaro to come out and he makes his way out to the ring. Cesaro accepts the challenge by Jimmy and says he will beat him and Roman on Sunday.

Tamina & Natalya def. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles

Paul Heyman is interviewed backstage and he doesn’t know if Jimmy Uso can beat Cesaro but he knows Roman can defeat him.

Apollo Crews is in the ring with Commander Azeez for the medal of honor ceremony. He talks up Azeez and how great of a champion he has been. He then presents Azeez with the Nigerian Medal of Honor. Big E then appears on the tron and talks about how he wants the title. Sami Zayn then comes out and he talks about how he respects a good awards ceremony. Apollo yells at Sami for interrupting and Sami wants a shot at the title. Kevin Owens then comes out and a brawl ensues in the ring.

Rey Mysterio def. Dolph Ziggler

Cesaro is interviewed about the Universal Championship match he has on Sunday. He talks about his journey to WWE and how hard he worked for this spot. He talks about his match with Jimmy Uso and how he knows he can beat Roman Reigns on Sunday.

Bianca Belair makes her way out to the ring as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Rey and Dominik Mysterio are interviewed backstage and are interrupted by Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. They scoof at the Mysterios saying they will win the titles but they retort by saying they will win.

Bianca Belair is in the ring with Michael Cole and he talks about how great she has been so far. Bayley then appears on the tron and laughs at Bianca. Bianca wants he to come to the ring but Bayley says she is far away from her. Bayley says she will take back the title on Sunday but Bianca says she won’t. Bianca then talks about why Bayley is mad at her and it is because she was in the main event at Wrestlemania while she was being thrown down the ramp by the Bellas. Bayley then talks about how she used to be like Bianca but now she isn’t and plans on winning.

King Corbin def. Shinsuke Nakamura

Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce are in their office and then Apollo Crews walks in with Commander Azeez. Pearce then tells him that he will be in a Fatal 4-Way match next week against Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and Big E for the Intercontinental Championship. Pearce then tells Sonya to not undermine him in front of talent.

An Aleister Black vignette is played and he tells another tale. He talks about a lesson he learned as a child from his father.

Jimmy Uso is interviewed in Gorilla and he says that he didn’t expect to have his return match be like this without his brother. He talks about Jey and Roman and how Jey can be great without Roman.

Cesaro def. Jimmy Uso by DQ when Roman Reigns attacks him. Jimmy yells at Roman for costing him the match and the two trade words. Cesaro then attacks Jey in the ring and Roman comes to save him. Cesaro and Roman fight in the ring but Jey helps out Roman. Jey calls for Jimmy to come in and help but Cesaro fights them off. Jimmy tries but is taken out by Cesaro and Cesaro hits Jey with the Neutralizer multiple times and stands tall in the ring.